Six Pips

  • The Sea

    A Stunning Wooden Watch Box | No. 452 ▶◀

    Evening all! A Pips about all things. But right at the end I want you to focus on just how cool our wooden watch boxes are. A wooden watch box cannot be beaten. Until now (2023) when Schofield reveals the CANISTER!. Oh I’ll be chewing salted horse and biting flinty bread, And dancing with the stars to watch, upon the

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  • Giles Ellis REAL TIME SHOW

    Only 4 Super Special Watch Dial Artworks | No. 451 ▶◀

    Evening all! Happy New Year! Let’s get right into a big start to the year. First up, The Real Time Show, featuring me. Blurb – The Real Time Show is a twice-weekly watchmaking podcast that alternates between interactive Question & Answer and interview formats. Every week, the stars of the show will be the audience and some of the most

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  • Schofield Desk Clocks

    1 Effortless Desk Clock | No. 450 ▶◀

    Evening all. Happy, happy Christmas to you all. Apologies for the poemy Pips of late. But I rather like this one some parts seemed apt, others dated. This Pips features a desk clock – yes, the Small Wall Clock on a stand! ​Another Year, Good Housekeeping, January, 1896, “Time cuts down all, both great and small, and fruit when ripe is sure

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  • Customised watches

    4 Unusual Customised Watches | No. 448 ▶◀

    Evening all. Let’s talk customised watches! here is the B5! A little update – all the Orange Ladyfingers have sold. One 70’s ‘finger left. We still have a little stock of coloured buckles, so get in quick. Currently all watch models are in stock except the Daymark Dark which has now sold out. Gone for good 🙁 Small gift wise,

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  • Minimal watch

    3 Extremely Minimal Watches | No. 445 ▶◀

    Evening all! Tonight’s Pips is a peek at some of the unusual and one-off and mostly minimal watches you would only see if you came to our Riverside Store. We don’t Pip these very often so it feels special somehow. All are available to buy, email if you are interested 😻 But before we begin with our rather uncouth sell,

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  • Creative watches UK

    Many Creative Watches | No. 444 ▶◀

    Evening all! It is a full bore creative watches tonight. It is WatchPro Salon this weekend and even though we opted not to exhibit I will be there hobnobbing. Therefore a virtual showcase seems right. Let’s start with the Purplex Beater (its official name) Creative watches you say? Well within the confines of a round watch that tells the time

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  • Pink Watch

    1 Hellova Shocking Pink Watch | No. 443 ▶◀

    Evening all! I made a watch for my wife. A pink watch! Or maybe purple. Somewhere in between. A custom Beater B5, the Wife Beater 😉 I know – not funny! Purplex ceramic coating on the case and buckle. Did I say bright pink watch? you need to see it to believe it, it almost glows!  Purple Silk Velvet strap. If you

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  • The Landmark watch

    Landmark | No. 442 ▶◀

    The Landmark! Limited to 12. X marks the spot!  Under the radar release this one. No fanfare. Even though the watch is super cool. Only a few not spoken for, if you would like one Email us, click the button below 🙂

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  • ALMANAC-21

    All good stuff and more | No. 440 ▶◀

    Evening all! The A-21 Almanac, a true collectable, a delectable collectable! Thank you to everyone that jumped in last week! These fabulous coffee table books ship the next day, so if you would like one head on over to the website for more info. B5 time. Let’s talk about the colour, starting with no colour then add just a little.

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    The Almanac is in! | No. 439 ▶◀

    Evening All! It’s a big one! The Almanac is here! Yes! it is done and ready to ship. Why is the Almanac a big deal? Because it is a deliberate move towards doing more that is analogue, displacing some of the digital necessities any business has to endure. The Six Pips has always been in the digital domain and as many readers

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