Six Pips

  • Signalman Case back

    Smeaton’s Tower

    Smeaton’s Tower is our talisman, it has been there from the start. Paraphrasing Tom Nancollas; A blueprint had arrived, contrived by a new breed of civil engineer. Gone were the days of experimental structures… built wholly from stone with complicated joints and tapering profiles… Once just naked flames, the lights equally refined now housed exquisite glassware. Smeaton’s Tower was the most influential and other rock lighthouses surviving today follow his essential principles. Smeaton’s Tower can be found through Schofield designs, sometimes explicit, sometimes subtle.

  • Brown cracked Tigerloaf strap

    Brown Cracked

    Strap focus. A brown cracked Tigerloaf, named after the distinctive loaf of bread! If you have a brown belt and brown boots then your wardrobe is not complete without this Schofield favourite. Email us now because supplies are getting low; the British tanner that makes the leather has had its ‘cracking’ machine condemned, so it can never be made again 🙁


  • P2


    Evening all! It’s all about the aggregation of marginal gains, so whilst I have no big news for you yet I am working towards it. The pen was just not perfect, close, but not there, so it is being prototyped again, a delay that will be worth it. Above is a sneaky pic, patience my friends, tiny amendments take days. This Pips is dedicated to incremental change aggregating in big news for later in the year!



    Strap Focus; Pebble green leather with metallic gold stitch, size long and just the one. A Schofield and Cudd special.

  • X-ray watch

    X-ray watch

    Strap Kit under, Telemark X-ray above. Both available for immediate dispatch!

  • straps


    Strap Kit under, new straps in it; white India Rubber, light grey suiting tweed, dark grey suiting tweed and LV leather with green stitch! Again all available.

  • Telemark and Daymark


    Strap Kit under, Telemark and Daymark over, in stock and ready to go 🙂