Six Pips


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    Six Pips No. 443 Gosh! Wow, what is all this? ▶◀

    Evening all! I made a watch for my wife. A custom Beater B5, the Wife Beater 😉 I know – not funny! Purplex ceramic coating on the case and buckle. Purple Silk Velvet strap. If you are interested – email by clicking the button below. I am sure you have been aware that we may have been busy with the Landmark and

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  • The Landmark watch

    Six Pips No. 442 // LANDMARK // NEARLY SOLD OUT ▶◀

    The Landmark! Limited to 12. X marks the spot!  Under the radar release this one. No fanfare. Even though the watch is super cool. Only a few not spoken for, if you would like one Email us, click the button below 🙂

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  • Landmark Watch

    Six Pips No. 441 // L MARK // || C – RAS H ++ PIP ▶◀

    + + + LM x 12

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  • ALMANAC-21

    Six Pips No. 440 All good stuff and more ▶◀

    Evening all! The A-21 Almanac, a true collectable, a delectable collectable! Thank you to everyone that jumped in last week! These fabulous coffee table books ship the next day, so if you would like one head on over to the website for more info. B5 time. Let’s talk about the colour, starting with no colour then add just a little.

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    Six Pips No. 439 The Almanac is in! ▶◀

    Evening All! It’s a big one! The Almanac is here! Yes! it is done and ready to ship. Why is the Almanac a big deal? Because it is a deliberate move towards doing more that is analogue, displacing some of the digital necessities any business has to endure. The Six Pips has always been in the digital domain and as many readers

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    Six Pips No. 438 Restless design. Undercurrents. Halloween P-2 and more ▶◀

    Evening all! Forgive the break, there was stuff that had to be done! That sounds intriguing and it is! In due course my friends… Let’s kick off the Pips with a pic from around the corner of Schofield’s Riverside store. Talking of the store and being a restless designer there have been some modifications, updates and for those that travel

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  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Watch

    Six Pips No. 437 An all-round upbeat post 50 nice newsletter ▶◀

    Evening all. I’m back. I made it through. Wiser for sure. Let’s kick off with the FACT that Rob Nudds of Fratello Watch Magazine said that the B5 case back is the best case back in the history of watchmaking! I’ll see that and raise it on a future release. But for now, let’s revel in the beauty of this

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