Six Pips

  • Schofield in the HOROLOGICAL JOURNAL

    A watch event in London, a front cover and more! No. 499 ✦

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  • Obscura dial

    Just brilliant stuff and more brilliant stuff No. 497 ✦

    Evening all! Let’s begin with an Obscura update. As you know this is a project and a half. Worth every bit of the wait. You will see that tonight is Pips 497 and I am really hoping that Pips 500 will be the Obscura full build – a big deal Pippage. The Buoys Club has had quite a bit of

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  • Schofield field watch

    The Light on Fratello! 496 ✦

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    A panoply of delights No. 495 ✦

    Evening all! Some Robert Louis Stevenson. My tea is nearly ready and the sun has left the sky; It’s time to take the window to see Leerie going by; For every night at teatime and before you take your seat, With lantern and with ladder he comes posting up the street. Now Tom would be a driver and Maria go

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  • LL

    💡 See the Light and more! No. 494 ✦

    Evening all! Let’s get into it! The Light is up and running online. You can read more about it there. Both colours are ready to ship. Both colours come with the same two Sugar Free straps – India Rubber and Grey leather. To go wild with colours and textures then visit Sugar Free, a separate site. If you want

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  • Field watch The Light One face

    Come see the Light! No. 493 ✦ 💡

    The Light, general purpose field watch, in two colours. Schofield introduces a general purpose field watch. After 15 years making watches with the same case shape and dimensions, the Light brings a whole re-design, from the ground up. At 40 mm diameter we now have a wholly new offering with no less complexity and detail as seen in other models.

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  • Strange Lights NQ RED

    The Darkness of the Strange Lights | No. 491

    Good evening and Happy, Happy New Year to you all! Let’s start with some updates. The Obscura is so close. The final part arrived two days before Christmas so the timing has been a little off. Suffice to say it is actually very close now. Like two weeks! On other news, there is a new Strap Kit coming, this one

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  • Sometime podcast

    Sometime Podcast | No. 490

    Evening all. A wee Christmas half measure tonight. The first episode of Sometime is live! However, it comes with a caveat, it is not your average watch podcast! I won’t be interviewing Bamford, Biver or the Schofield inner circle, I’m not selling (directly) and I don’t mention the word ‘watch’ very often at all. I will be talking at you for

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  • Sugar Free straps

    You need Sugar Free | No. 489 ✦

    Evening all. Let me introduce you to Sugar Free! Watch straps that fit non-Schofields, I know some have been waiting for over 10 years for this! Today is the day! Sugar Free has its own website, its own vibe and contributors, check out the Zine! There two new strap sizes 22 – 22mm which fit all Schofield buckles, and 20

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  • The Ultimate Christmas list

    Ultimate Christmas List | No. 486 ✦

    Evening all. Just a quick and loose note on what we have for Christmas right now. Pens, we have quite a few colours and materials in the shop that are not online – email in if you want to see a selection. All of them can be rollerball or fountain nibs. There are just two WAPHTTTB boxes left (now sold).

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