Six Pips


    Terrific, kickass cork boxes | No. 476

    Evening all! So tonight we look at cork boxes and the stars! The Obscura is around the corner! Tonight I am showing you the case back, clearly this is a drawing but I have the real thing in my mitts and to say it is a level up is an understatement! I am saving the real thing for another Pip

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  • Pink Watches in DORSET

    Completely Pink Watches | No. 473 ✦

    Before the pink watches – In a brief moment the rain stopped. A Drop fell on the Apple Tree – Another – on the Roof – A Half a Dozen kissed the Eaves – And made the Gables laugh – A few went out to help the Brook, That went to help the Sea – Myself Conjectured were they Pearls

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  • Black Cat Watch Box

    See the amazing Black Cat Watch | No. 472 ✦

    Evening all! This Pipage is too introduce the New Black Cat Watch – I go away tomorrow for a week and the ocean liner that is Schofield will have to drift without navigation. Oh-boy, today has been a rush! I was called away from Pip duty to see a man about a new Strap Kit. To be unlike anything you

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  • Schofield events with Giles Ellis and Matt Hopwood

    Magical Schofield events and other excitements | No. 471 ✦

    Evening all! Let’s start with some Schofield events – ‘save the dates’. On the 16th of September we are doing the Best of British, RedBar watch show in Brighton. You need to be a member of RedBar, but we will go through all of that later. Loads of brands will be there, it should be a fun day out! From

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  • G Wales

    Strong Heroic designer watches | No. 470 ✦

    Evening all! A pips about Designer watches? Having returned from a Welsh reset, I am thrown back into the maw of Schofield; this is sent to you on a new service hence the ever so slightly new look. The Six Pips number symbols have changed many times over the years and these will become relevant when you see the Obscura

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    Get inspired at Clerkenwell Design Week | No. 462 ▶◀

    The important Pip is about Clerkenwell Design Week below but let’s start with a spring poem, but that’s the feeling now the sun is out. These are our wild native Daffodils or Lent Lilis and are unusual to find growing wild in Sussex. Species Narcissus pseudonarcissus. A poem by EE Cummings. in Just- spring when the world is mud- luscious

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  • Watches for Designers

    Astounding Watches for Designers | No. 461 ▶◀

    Considering watches for designers is what we are up to, it really is not that thrilling apart from the odd titbit I can share regarding new releases which will not happen fully until much later this year, and there is not much to show until then – just so we are straight 🙂 However! Buoys Clubbers can go see some

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  • Ti Watches

    A Meltdown of Ti Watches | No. 460 ▶◀

    Let’s talk Ti watches and more specifically – titanium. Discovered in Cornwall in 1791, and there we have a nice link to the Blacklamp Carbon watch we made which has a structure akin to the crazy geology of the cliffs of Milook Haven near Bude. Titanium was named after the Greek Titans. It is the 7th most abundant metal in the

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  • How to design a beautiful thing

    How to design a beautiful thing | No 458 ▶◀

    Evening all! What a fortnight we have had since the last Pips! Almost a new website. A complete rebuild. It looks much the same because I like the way it looks but now much cleaner. It should load much faster so that will suit those at sea with sporadic 4G. More to the point there is some fresh stuff. Specifically, the little

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  • Black watches

    An Armageddon of Black Watches | NO. 455 ▶◀

    Evening all. Much to my surprise many of you liked the Undercurrents article on black watches that went out last Sunday. In fact many of you inquired about a Blacklamp Evo. It is a long way off yet; I did not want to fuel the flames of excitement too much this far out. If you did not read the article you

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