Six Pips

  • Watch Manufacture

    Because of the worst

    Evening all.
    When this is over, may we never again take for granted
    A handshake with a stranger
    Full shelves at the store
    Conversations with neighbours
    A crowded theatre
    Friday night out
    The taste of communion
    A routine checkup
    The school rush each morning
    Coffee with a friend
    The stadium roaring
    Each deep breath
    A boring Tuesday
    Life itself.

    When this ends
    may we find
    that we have become
    more like the people
    we wanted to be
    we were called to be
    we hoped to be
    and may we stay
    that way — better
    for each other
    because of the worst.

    By – Laura Kelly Fanucci

  • Mr E

    Reaching out

    In an attempt to keep the mood as light as possible, a silly photo. I, like everyone else is an expert on virology, but the Pips is no place for that. The constant bombardment of misinformation, memes and fear-mongering I’ll leave to the newsletters from all the brands I have ever subscribed to. From loudspeaker makers to banjo clubs, graphic design agencies to electronic music groups! Schofield is still trading, still working, designing, planning. If you get bored – reach out.

  • Old Beater

    Soon – fresh Ti.

    A little Titanium news – more is coming, not blued like the first Beater, different but equally super!

  • Signalman Bare Bones

    Signalman Bare Bones in stock

    Although making watches is challenging right now,  we do hold some in stock. This Bare Bones for example! Clean and clear. Daymarks and Telemarks too. A Beater or two and even an x-Ray. You know where we are, don’t hesitate to get in touch! 🙂

  • Rubber straps

    India Rubbers

    Strap focus. India Rubbers, it seems appropriate as it feels like the most hygienic in our range. Black, white and brown.

  • SWC-P2 1

    Schofield P-2

    Evening all! There is going to be lots of exclamation marks tonight! The SWC-P2 is finally completed, what a job, what a process! What a pen!
    Over the last few years I have designed many, many pens, totally obsessing over my own work and that of other makers. Fundamentally it is a small stick you write with so without departing from ergonomic constraints there is little you can do. Which is why 99% of all pen design variations are found in the ornamentation not the shape. The first Schofield fountain pen was classical in style. Quite serious with the black acrylic and silver bands – a pen designed for yesteryear, a pen made for Sir Winston Churchill. This pen, the P-2, is the opposite, and I got there quite by accident. 2001 A Space Odyssey is one of my top films which led me to the Stanley Kubrik exhibition in London, naturally (on design high-alert) I was most excited about the 2001 section. Taking photos of the tiniest details; control panels, graphic insignia, perforations on HAL’s speaker, latches on helmets… you get the idea. I own a set of cutlery used on the Discovery 1 by Arne Jacobsen and it has not dated at all, but the pen by Parker has and it is from studying that design that I wondered what if Stanley asked me to design a pen for the film today! What would it look like?

  • P2-black

    The P2 idea

    The basic concept was rendered in minutes; it had to look dynamic and have forward motion, a bit like a space ship but not obviously so, it needed a shape differentiation that was unique without being wacky. It was not to have clip (I’m off clips as only a very few of us put fountain pens in shirt pockets) and there was to be no silversmithing. HAL the ubiquitous computer AI ‘eye’ was not to feature – tempting as it was! But this was not an homage but an alignment.
    So the cap has a nose-cone like the Blacklamp torch and the original Onoto x Schofield Pen. It has a fin that acts to grip when unscrewing but also serves as a roll-stop. It has two flat sections on the barrel that are fluted, a deliberate tactile surface to run one’s thumb along. It has a cool enamel badge in the end that is a play on the original Parker pen’s coloured dots (I can’t show you this yet as they are still being made) and the subtlest nod to HAL 🙂 Most explicit is the material, the colours of which fit stylistically with the film; red, black and white. Available now (read as 1 month) are the red and the black, but as you already know the black is OMG it’s full of stars! The white will be released later in the year. There is an early bird list. Please email us.