Evening all! I hope you have all seen our Instagram, it has taken a turn. Rather than posting mindless fodder I am trying to create little spectacles, a progress with each one better than the last. How long it will last I don’t know because each one takes about 45mins. Nevertheless if you don’t follow us there you will be missing the fun.

2. I think Schofield is old enough now for a throwback! So why not show you one of the first Signalman hero shots? It took many hours and contributed, no doubt, to putting Schofield on the map!

3. Random side note Pip. This is the card that comes in a watch box.

4. Strange Lights, a very cool watch, you cannot argue it! Not Quite Red and Not Quite Green. Both limited editions and made in Britain (South of England to be precise, Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset) as we can. Super light full Titanium case, Swiss ETA movements 2 and a half hands!

5. I want to remind you of the UV-1, the finest UV emitting torch ever made in the history of the world? I think so. Surprisingly useful in other ways, other than stimulating luminescent compounds on watch dials, which is what it was made for…

6. Strap focus. The Sharkskin, as seen on the throwback Signalman pic. It was made from sustainable sources and I said was because we won’t make anymore. They have been consistent in our range for 12 years and most of you that buy one do so to keep your Signalman looking fresh. Not to worry as we have enough for a little while yet. Still it is a fine and smart strap that wears very well, in fact I’m thinking of putting one on now.