Six Pips


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  • Black Straps


    Evening all! I want to talk watch related accessories and why not? The sun is trying its best, the mood is lifting, time to get back at it! What better place to start than straps! Pictured is our selection of blacks. I know I was implying bright colours but a black strap is a wardrobe basic. IMHO the black Quadrant

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  • Bell


    Evening all. The Schofield shop is essentially open from Monday. I have had a flurry of requests to visit which is super. If you would like to come down or along then pop me an email so I can initially spread you out a bit – we will have more time to chat. If however you are passing and the

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  • drivers


    Evening all! Let’s start with new Drivers, Version 6 I think. Same dimensions as before but now with flutes and fine nickel plating. Also engraved on the side with the blade width. So much brilliance for £84 (set of three). Email if you need to jazz up your driving! 2. P-2 in action, I could have chosen a number of

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  • Handle


    Evening all, gosh it feels like ages since I spoke to you last! Perhaps that is because Schofield has been whooping up excitement hither and thither. Starting from the small to the big. New printed Lug Pro cards – for the uninitiated, that is Lug Protection Stickers that go out free of charge with every new strap. Re-useable stickers that

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  • Schofield shop


    Schofield’s first physical, actual real life shop is millimetres from done! Primed and awaiting your visits. I thought this a good opportunity to tell you about the window design which was BTW surprisingly complicated to make. There are two panels each taking four hours to print. My demands were that it was to be printed full colour both sides, you

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  • case backs

    Case back engraving on the tube!

    Evening all, let’s go straight to YouTube, not because it is Youtube but because it is there I can explain things in greater detail than I can here! More videos added and I think the one on case-back engraving is good 😉 If you’re wondering why I am wearing a hat in some of the films, in the office, I

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  • P-2 in case

    P-2 the lot

    The P-2 in OMGIFOS Black. Carbon fibre case and one all wrapped up. This is how they arrive to you. Super simple and very little to throw away.

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