Evening all! Next week we are launching a new Beater! Here is an obscure but relevant clue! I have been sitting on it for too long waiting for the perfect moment, getting so frustrated that last year, the lost year, just did not bring it! But right now, England is winning the football, the restoration of the Sussex Kelp forests has had the green light and everything is feeling exciting!

2. Raw Bronze Beater B3. This is how they arive to you, just on the turn.

3. I’m commissioning a new Little Lady Finger, smaller than before. Let me know if you want to be on the list. It will eventually be a Buoys Club special but I’m opening up the first order. Michael Morris has recently won a weapons maker competition and although he always was the man is now even more so! I’m excited about this one.

4. The Watches and Pen Holding Treasure Trove Trunk Box has not had a mention in a while, so allow me to point out why you would want one. I’ll start by saying that it is designed to hold your treasure, but it is in fact a treasure in its own right, made with all the attention to detail I would afford to a watch! It is bigger than most people appreciate. It has presence a visitor will want to know what it is and what’s inside. It can house not just Schofield watches and pens, you can remove the inner blocks and put what you like inside! So, it is versatile and pretty. If you don’t have pens you can choose just watch holders and vice-versa. It costs £1128 and can be delivered to you next week!

5. Painful as it is I must tell you about some price changes. It’s the same old story about production costs going up and our prices have not, for years. On the website you will see these (as subtle as I can make them) changes. If you have been on the fence, saving or dawdling, then we will hold the old prices for you, just let us know soon, because in the not-too-distant future I will have to put my foot down. In summary, the Beaters stay the same, Strange Lights have gone up, straps have gone up and down, Markers up.

6. Strap focus. Look fellas this is not a girls-only strap! Nor are any of the metallic Schofield + Cudd types. I am wearing a Silver Crock right now! Look! It is a seriously cool strap and there are not that many left! Online with the old price 🙂