Evening all! Tonight’s Pips is a little more conventional than last week’s, a few of you thought I lost my mind, I assure you I have not, In fact some cool things are starting to take shape. Let’s start with some housekeeping; The SWC SWC hands are actually being made (did I say that last time?)! All watch models are in stock (something that does not happen all that often). The Telemark on the Buoys Club was moved on within minutes, and I need help with a new Strap Kit (see below). But what really floats my boat is the wonderful things sign! The shop just got a whole lot better because my new mate Jon May made it by hand, in the traditional way. What a pleasure doing business with that guy! See his Instagram here, https://www.instagram.com/jon.may.design/
and website here, www.jon-may.com

2. There are no more Strap Kits! It is remiss of me to have not made a new one prior to this but that’s because I have yet to settle on an idea. Should I do a soft folding Kit like all the ones before or perhaps small drawers, in the vein of Schofield’s other woodwork? Perhaps even in metal? The drawers may be better suited to worn (bent) straps and we could partition them to fit parts and tools… let me know your thoughts and remember please, thoughts you would actually pay for 😉

3. This is a sleeping Pip, I’m saying nothing more.

4. As is this

5. Hot damn! So is this.
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6. This Pips is overflowing with wonderment! It’s coming from all angles. This, my friends, is (soon) a new addition to the team! Called the VORP machine (vanity or pride?) and… wait for it… It monograms your straps! A new service; while you wait in the shop or specify at checkout, vanity all the way – who cares!