Evening all! A new watch launch brings new subscribers to the Pips, and I, and I’m sure the previously subscribed will join me in wanting to start by saying “welcome”. Some would say you have opened a can of worms! Here is an excerpt from Worn and Wound on the new B4.

…Schofield makes watches in small batches with a heavy dose of whimsy. They’ll customize casebacks to customer requests, offer dials in colors that they call “Not Quite Red” and similar, and seem to take a relaxed attitude toward high end watchmaking in general (the copy on their website is clearly and refreshingly written by a real person with a sense of humor). Their watches aren’t cheap, starting around £3,000, but when the small details that go into making these things are factored in, they seem to represent a good value if you favor small brands that put an artisanal touch on their products…

What an excellent paragraph! I was tickled to read ‘relaxed attitude to high end watch making’. A wonderful compliment! I assure you Schofield is in fact a very serious business but I am not pacing the shop feeling important all day long. All the copy is written by me, as is this and every Pips. By being myself and never wavering for the sake of formality or forced marketing best practices we get a slightly salty but consistent voice, so I’m told 😉

2. From Frattelo Watches 

…And despite all this to enjoy from the front, how can we ignore the stainless steel case back? Schofield is, in my opinion, the industry leader in case back design. And I’m including all-comers in that. No matter who you throw into the mix, I think the artfulness and playfulness of these closed case back designs would walk away victorious. You can call me crazy if you want, but take a good look at that flair before you do. It’s something quite special indeed…

Rob Nudds writes so well, you can read the full piece here on Fratellowatches.com

3. There are still B4s left, if you are interested please act now. Pop us an email and we can go through the details.

4. WatchPro Live Salon! A combination of words that may not mean a great deal to you; WatchPro is a big deal watch mag and website based here in the UK, WatchPro Live is their new events deptartment headed up by the legendary Lucy Cheesewright of Salon QP fame. Salon is the new high end watch show being held at the Londoner Hotel in London on the 12th and 13th of November – this November! The first watch show for some time and Schofield will be there! All our watches that you wanted to see and try on will be on display inside the WAPHTTTBs with P-2s and straps and maybe the Small Wall Clock too.

5. For a watch show and life in general you need a UV-1, for shining in cabinets, checking out lume, etc.

6. Strap focus. Tweeds in summer? Yes sir! Because tweeds are slightly thicker straps they render the watches a little chunkier better for short sleeves IMHO. Shown here is the classic Green Tweed, necessary as part of any serious Schofield collection 😉