Evening All! Oh! There is so much in the pipeline that I am tempted to tell you about it, but I must wait. I have learnt my lesson before; things change after I make an announcement – but it is so tempting! Last week (I am fine BTW) I showed you a notebook design, well it seemed the right way to go following the continuing success of the P-2 and Fishguts. Schofield’s stationery line will be complete – almost; propelling pencil, bolt action ballpoint who knows! The note books (yes we will have versions) will be ready soon and by soon I mean weeks not months, speed of light quick! Pictured here is the P-2, OMG it’s full of stars matt black.

2. More good news, the clock hands (which now feature in the top 10 of supplier delays, hiccups and COVID related insolvency) are finally being made! Not production but prototypes, if all is good at least we can photograph it properly (Jim’s ready) and draw up an early-birds list. Pictured is the SWC SWC (Schofield Watch Company Small Wall Clock) with dummy hands – I repeat NOT SCHOFIELD HANDS – and only two not three at that. Nevertheless this thing has to be seen in the flesh, please come to the shop and experience its magnificence!

3. Peachy Deals! Buoys Club updated with a few extra bits.

4. Schofield’s social media has, I will admit, been lacking of late, don’t worry, it is in hand. One thing I have kept up-to-date is the Undercurrents Blog. It is not like Instagram where I really want you to take a look, Undercurrents does not care and nor do I that much because it serves as my repository of ideas. I use it as such often visiting to see what previously floated my boat. If you fancy a deeper dive into potential directions Schofield is heading then by all means head on over 🙂

5. Salty! The B3, a bronze cased, British made delight! Certainly our saltiest watch. Available now in both Raw and patinated finishes.

6. Strap Focus on a patinated B3 (I’m in a beater mood). The Slate Millican! The three different Millican colours are a phenomenal set. Go here to buy…