Evening all! A single half term Pip tonight. Please indulge me; you know how I like paper, paper things, fonts, typesetting, layout and general awesomeness? Well these notebooks have untreated covers, no plastic 🙂 They are made in the UK, A6 in size with 80 pages, deliberately calculated so the height is such that when opened you can write on both sides. If the notebook is too high you can’t lean on the right page when writing on the left at the beginning of the book, a detail which drives me mad. Also I might add it is a great pleasure finishing a notebook and starting a new one. Again, not too thick for these reasons. Once opened there is a small introduction to the range, a QR code to take you to Schofield to order and a little blurb on the design but most importantly these two books have dotted pages that work for drawing and writing on quality ivory stock. What’s more the note pages are perforated! How cool is that! Did I mention gilded edges? Gosh! Don’t be fooled by all the hyperbole as these are rough and ready, perfect for your out-and-about-ness. Bend them, fold them and tear out pages… Edition 1 is X Marks the Spot, edition 2 is UFOs. They will retail for £9.50 each. They arrived today so no time to add to the website, please email in.