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Welcome. We are Schofield Watch Company, English watchmakers, purveyors of British watches to citizens of style. We make mechanical watches for your wrist with stories for your heart. If you are drifting we can bring you ashore.

Disruptive British watches

One case, two finishes and you can choose. The raw case of this British watch has been meticulously blasted with quite a coarse medium increasing the surface area so it will oxidise and stain quickly. These very British watches are designed for those that want the grease of everyday life to change the character of the case over time. Generally in the West we consider patination to be akin to dirt; therefore we polish our doorknobs. In the East, especially Japan, and here at Schofield watches, patination is looked upon with reverence, it is history, charm, age, grace and human.

The patinated variety of bronze case is just the same as the raw but has undergone a couple more processes. We chemically treat the case in baths of acid and dye. After this process of dipping and washing the cases are burnished to reveal the raw metal in select places – bezel, sides and the edges of the lugs. This variety is a little more stable. Grubby, stained and devoid of bling, are these not the most disruptive of British watches?


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  • Giles Ellis did not set out to be part of a revival of British watchmaking. He was more interested in designing an ideal timepiece for himself. Years later, Mr. Ellis and his company, Schofield, are one of several watch brands with “Made in England” labels.
    NY TimesCatherine Chapman
  • Meticulous attention to detail, elegant design and innovation have given Schofield a cult following the world over, the appeal being its utter Englishness.
    TelegraphKen Kessler
  • Schofield's new watch The Daymark is what a purist might look for.
    WatchuseekMike Stuffler
  • was launched in 2011 and garnered a lot of attention, thanks largely to being superbly designed and refreshingly different. And British. Which means a lot round these parts.
    Men's Health
  • When it comes to the details there is simply no other modern watch label that takes things as far as Schofield does. Indeed, each customer begins their relationship with Ellis' label with a series of handwritten notes and updates before the watch itself is even in their hands...All these touches, considerations and hours spent in development certainly add up to a watch that has to be seen, held and worn to be truly appreciated. Like many watches, it's more than just a talking point. It's a study in one man's intrepid, tireless devotion to detail.
    Cool HuntingRichard Prime
  • Given half a chance, I suspect that Giles Ellis, the man behind Schofield, would design the clothes you wear with a Schofield and the room, or indeed, space, you wear it in. As it is Schofield’s design universe extends well beyond the watch head, so that even the packaging for a spare strap buckle is a complete little piece of Schofield style.
    Salon QPJames Gurney

Some of our watches are made in England, others in Germany. Some are bronze, steel and occasionally carbon fibre or ceramic. Some have numbers on the dials, some do not, some are manual wind but most often automatic.

Schofield watches are made by thinking. Every decision is reasoned. No stone is left unturned. Within these pages you will see that all we make is treasure



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