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Stories of lighthouses, shadows, whiskey and willow.

The Daymark

The Daymark is a Victorian structure that sits atop the cliff above and behind the hamlet of Kingswear on the opposite side of the river to Dartmouth in Devon. I discovered the Aid to Navigation quite by accident when running the cliffs in the days when running distance was fun. The Daymark is a lighthouse with no light, a beacon to guide mariners up the river Dart to which the entrance is notoriously hard to find. This grey cone of Purbeck stone has its fingers in the soil anchoring it from bad weather.

Mr C is a well-known Schofield guy, salt of the earth, all-rounder. He is a professional photographer specialising in watch-world reportage but I happen to know that he can cut some nifty angles when it comes to architecture. Who better to go on a day trip, taking photos of The Daymark in Devon with?

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The Shutter Plank

The ‘shutter plank’ is the last plank fastened into the hull of a wooden boat. It effectively closes the hull. This is considered to be a major milestone in the construction of any wooden yacht and the occasion is traditionally marked by a celebratory dram of whiskey. Hence why it’s more commonly known in nautical circles as the ‘whiskey plank’.

Earlier this year, Ben Harris’ beloved hand built wooden cutter, Alva, broke her moorings in a storm and smashed against rocks in Falmouth harbour. After months of delicate reconstruction work Ben invited Schofield to be part of this symbolic event in Alva’s renaissance. It seems fitting that a watch inspired by the Lighthouses that once watched over boats like Alva, should play a role in her restoration. So with a Schofield Signalman DLC on his wrist to keep him on schedule and a beautiful Ladyfinger in his back pocket to sharpen his trusty pencil, Ben set about the precision job of closing Alva’s hull.

Documentary Photographer ‘Somewhere Up North’ went down south to capture the moment.

See the whole gallery of pictures on this page – ‘Through The Lens’

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