Six Pips

  • Schofield watch box

    X marks the spot!

    X marks the spot! It’s a trove.

  • Giles Ellis

    Mr E

    In the workshop showing Mr E senior how I force-patinate Beaters.

  • Bronze watch

    Patinated Bronze Beater B3

    The finished article! A force-patinated Bronze case Beater B3. Did I tell you how much I love my own watches? Look at this beauty – really look hard – how cool is it on the Slate Millerain strap! After you have looked please buy one 😉

    Patinated Bronze Beater B3

  • Pink EDC

    Strap focus pink suede strap

    Strap focus. How’s about the pink Milanese suede? Shown here with a Telemark X-ray and an orange ceramic coated buckle. The whole combo is available right now… 🙂

  • Schofield Watch Box


    The new Schofield Ash Box, similar in feel to the older models but a bit squatter. Our boxes have been getting steadily smaller. We realised that those collecting Schofield watches are often burdened with a lot of boxes to store. This box is unique because the watch holder inside can be removed, giving you an empty box for straps or spare buttons 🙂

  • Rare Things

    Ten To Two

    A new set of case backs in which this is for Rare Things (watches limited to less than 5). Rare indeed to see a walrus in British waters! He is a navigator and guardian of our seas and beaches… at least in the Schofield universe. Notice the cosmos, the third eye and the shape of the rocks (caring hands). His name is Ten-To-Two. No apologies for the shameful post-Christmas design vomit! Ten-To-Two is here to stay 😉

  • Rare Beater

    Rare Beater

    Talking of Rare Things, whilst we gather our wits for new watches and new designs we will continue to create Rare Things. Like this inky blue Bare Bones. We will stock the Buoys Club with treasure. X marks the spot!