Six Pips

  • Telemark X-ray

    Schofield X-ray

    The X-ray! Like so many of the things we make there are countless suppliers that impose their own story upon a project. Sometimes really good, for example the machinist for the P-2 and the Beaters is an unbelievable good egg and total perfectionist, whereas the dial manufacturer for the X-ray was, well… disappointing. Now I must impress that it is not the dials or the date discs that disappoint, no Sir, they are awesome, but the fact that we were delivered 20% for 100% of the money (after paying 100% for tooling and prototypes)! Then he disappeared without a trace and even our good friend a Swiss lawyer could not find him. So I can only make a fraction of X-rays that will never put food on the proverbial table! So the X-ray is limited to 20 watches and they are nearly gone. If the X-ray is your thing – consider this 🙂


    Bronze Beater case back

    The Bronze Beater case back. Another example of Schofield’s amazing outsourced wizardry, Mr P our laser wielding genius will stop at nothing to get these little artworks perfect!

  • Purple Tweed watch strap close

    Purple Tweed!

    Strap focus. Purple/indigo Tweed! I use an exclamation mark because that is what this strap is, perfect for right now where ever you are! We have them ready to post.


    9 hours per time

    The engraved plaque for the forthcoming WAPHTTTB, this is the first prototype and though they are often hard to see there are little corruptions that occur between software. With all Schofield’s engraving we have to to and fro until it is as it should be. Getting it right is never simple, but always worth it. Interestingly I spoke to Mr P yesterday, owner of the high-powered Laser with an especially big lens (big enough to do this artwork) and he declared that there was no way to make money on this job; we have decided on 30 passes with the laser and each pass takes 18 mins, 9 hours per plaque!

  • Black Cordovan Strap

    Black Cordovan sold off….

    I have moved the strap focus Pip from 2 to two, highlighting our x marks the spot motif! But more importantly Buoys and Bells, visit the Club page and see the Black Cordovan strap on special offer. Really very special.

  • Schofield Watches - Daymark

    Daymark is a gem

    Gosh look at this! Another gem by our man Jim Holden. I am unashamedly pushing to sell all watches naturally but it gives me immense pleasure when a Daymark goes. I don’t know why

  • Zipp Knife

    Zipp Knife inbound

    More Zipp knives inbound. Email in or visit the Buoys Club page for more info