29th December 2021 Schofield
  • Schofield treasure watch
  • gold treasure watch
  • silver watch
  • x marks the spot case back
  • gold treasure watch
  • polished watch

Evening all. Well, we just had a proper good show! WatchPro Salon was, we hope, the start of a new era of luxury events. I have to say our stand looked pretty cool 😉 But the main event was… Read on!

2. The launch of our new Treasure Watch! Silver and gold treasure, hidden treasure, found treasure!

3. Classic black dialled Schofields in polished cases. There are two varieties. Polished steel and gold-plated brass.

4. Limited to just 29 watches in total, each one is assigned the name of a treasure hoard found in the UK and a number, seen here is number 1, Sutton Hoo. The case back is a stepped design with a gold X marks the spot. Beneath the X is a gold-plated ETA 2824-2, hidden treasure!

5. We have gold-plated over brass deliberately to encourage patination in our trademark way. The gold is soft so it will mark and when the brass shows through, in years to come, it will oxidise creating a patination unique to the owner. This is the Schofield way of doing a gold watch.

6. It was 10 years ago since we launched the Signalman, a polished case and black dial, so the Treasure Watch marks an anniversary of sorts. Below is a link to our press release. It is available to buy right away online. Or please email us. Delivery wholly depends on your position in the queue and the case material. Any questions, I’m here. There is a lot more info on our website.