Evening all! Let’s start with new Drivers, Version 6 I think. Same dimensions as before but now with flutes and fine nickel plating. Also engraved on the side with the blade width. So much brilliance for £84 (set of three). Email if you need to jazz up your driving!

2. P-2 in action, I could have chosen a number of different finishes for this shot but being in a nickel mood it seemed appropriate to do it with the Ally version. The Ally P-2 with gold plated section and badge, running Fishguts silver metallic sparkle ink – what a sentence!

3. An action shot of the UV-1 – similar vibes! A mandatory watch lovers accessory. There is nothing else like it in the world! Not the uv bit obviously but the care and attention in the design, manufacture and finishing! I have to say if you lose a tiny screw in the carpet – the UV-1 will find it!

4. SWC SWC action, it’s going to happen, really, I just don’t know when, it is a victim of Covid with sprinkles of Brexit! It will be worth the wait, of that I am sure.

5. Beater B3 in raw untreated bronze. This photo shows the wonderful machining marks that resemble finger prints. On the Beater B1 we used to blast these away but they are so pretty and a badge of honour for our 100% British made bronze Beater cases. What I really wanted to write was – birth marks on the spawn of British milling! – I’m not sure that’s quite the right message.

6. I found it hard to find an appropriate image to accompany Mr T’s fantastic poem of deep lockdown. Dank Sussex moss does not do it justice.

What to say
Who to address
How to believe
When to accept

What to remember
Who to become
How to love
When to hate

What to forget
Who to reject
How to react
When to scream

What to confront
Whom to distrust
How to compel
When to implore

What to recall
Whom to have been
How to matter
When to object

What to expect
Whom to protect
How to pretend
When to avoid

What to fabricate
Who to prevent
How to begin
When to cease