Six Pips


    Strap card

    Evening all! Let’s start with a super ridiculous but nice to look at piece of design. It is printed like a postcard and acts to ‘rigitate’ the envelope for every strap posted. I am worried that if I told you how long it took you would think I was wasting time! 


  • Rare Things case Back

    There is a new website, well an old one actually but in a new way. Undercurrents is back. It’s a big ol’ mood board a bit like Pinterest I suppose without being Pinterest. Anyway, I have been more explicit with my inspirations and added some original content. Please take a look here… UNDERCURRENTS.UK. While we are talking websites .com has been tickled, I know it’s tedious being told to look at our mission page because it has ‘evolved’… so I won’t do that!

  • Schofield watch box

    X marks the spot!

    X marks the spot! It’s a trove.

  • Giles Ellis

    Mr E

    In the workshop showing Mr E senior how I force-patinate Beaters.

  • Bronze watch

    Patinated Bronze Beater B3

    The finished article! A force-patinated Bronze case Beater B3. Did I tell you how much I love my own watches? Look at this beauty – really look hard – how cool is it on the Slate Millerain strap! After you have looked please buy one 😉

    Patinated Bronze Beater B3

  • Pink EDC

    Strap focus pink suede strap

    Strap focus. How’s about the pink Milanese suede? Shown here with a Telemark X-ray and an orange ceramic coated buckle. The whole combo is available right now… 🙂

  • Schofield Watch Box


    The new Schofield Ash Box, similar in feel to the older models but a bit squatter. Our boxes have been getting steadily smaller. We realised that those collecting Schofield watches are often burdened with a lot of boxes to store. This box is unique because the watch holder inside can be removed, giving you an empty box for straps or spare buttons 🙂