As the title suggests, it is small, only 16 cms in diameter allowing it to be discreet, tucked in a corner, not loud and dominating. The dials are available in three metallic colours with plain and simple numerals, designed for clarity at distance and modelled on old AEG factory clocks. The hands are plain baton style with the luminescence only found in the counterpoise of the seconds hand.


The Six Pis Almanac is a collectible annual, published in-house by Undercurrents Publishing, which is basically Schofield. The brief was that it should be classy but not pretentious. It is to be a beautiful thing in its own right. A good book.

Casebound with top and tail bands, a ribbon, cloth covers and heavy paper, foiled and debossed, made by those with a Royal Warrant no less.

Not merely a cut and paste job, no sir! This is curated from all the best Pips of 2021. Hence Almanac 21 (A-21). Those short, sharp, buy this thing now type Pips have been omitted leaving the poems, the prose, the excitement and the beauty – the very best that Schofield offers.

Layout wise, chronological but with new content, lots of graphic design, werewolf tears, predominately red images on the left and green on the right. Port and Starboard, Strange Lights and plenty of obscurity. If you like the Pips, you will like the Almanac! Click the image to see inside.


The P-2 is Schofield’s fountain pen inspired by the film 2001 A Space Odyssey. There are four main colours; black, red and white and silver. For the blackness of space we commissioned a special acrylic with white swirls and nebula as well as diamond dust for occasional twinkle. The red is HAL’s eye, molecule chairs, cockpits and computer rooms. The white a bone, the Discovery and the ceramic finish found on so many surfaces. The silver is the aluminium ubiquitous in the film.


You remember the trippy bit at the end of the film? These variations are a nod to that sequence.


The Watch And Pen Holding Treasure Trove Trunk Box (WAPHTTTB). It will hold up to 2 watches per pigeon hole, a max total of ten watches. Or 3 pens per pigeon hole for a max of 15 pens! Or you could do away with the cedar blocks and just have empty space for tea, combs, harmonicas, gramophone needles, etc… Naturally you can have any combo. Just ask. The box comes with 3 watch holders and one pen holder by default. We also have the Tritium TL-1 and the world’s most highly designed and worthy watch dial charging specific UV torch, the UV-1.