Evening all! I want to talk watch related accessories and why not? The sun is trying its best, the mood is lifting, time to get back at it! What better place to start than straps! Pictured is our selection of blacks. I know I was implying bright colours but a black strap is a wardrobe basic. IMHO the black Quadrant strap is the best at suiting all Schofield watches. The Sharkskin is the OG, the very first and has spent many years quietly hiding but is now seeing a resurgence – there is no doubt it is classy! Another to focus on would be Black OMI, over time it takes on a warm tone and the white stitch picks out the brighter dial elements. Dig in!

2. The website is catching up with the shop – if that makes sense, there will be many more updates over the next few weeks. The Buoys Club may be of interest as it has been cleaned and restocked. You remember the strap display from last week? Well I need to make room so visit the Club, don’t delay!

3. I have to remind myself to speak about things I take for granted you may know all about. Perhaps you do but an enthusiastic reminder won’t hurt. The WAPHTTTB is a true innovative wonderment, 100% made in the UK. Please watch the video here. If you can’t, here’s a summary: Substantial ash box with glass windows for displaying watches and pens. Lockable and bolt down-able. A semi-secure display safe with craftsmanship and design details that make it a treasure in its own right! BTW it is not just for Schofield watches and pens. If you are on the fence, visit us or go online…

4. Back to straps, spring selection. They are Schofield and Cudd classics. British milled Bionic Canvas by Millican Bag Makers. These three variants all have white stitching and light green calf lining. Quality and toughness abounds. All available online here.

5. Two bright and cheery P-2 fountain pens. My personal favourite the green ebonite and the gentle Unicorn Dream (sorry about the name I was having an off-day).
Neither are online yet so please email right away and we can get you one early next week.

6. Some shiny metal bits. The UV-1, Ally P-2, TL-1 and Drivers. Our newest specialist finish, whilst Nickel plating is far from new it is unusual especially within the lux goods sector. It is, however a feather in our cap because it is so fresh and pretty. All these items are available for immediate delivery. Pop us an email and we will sort it.