Evening all. The Schofield shop is essentially open from Monday. I have had a flurry of requests to visit which is super. If you would like to come down or along then pop me an email so I can initially spread you out a bit – we will have more time to chat. If however you are passing and the lights are on, ring the bell 🙂

2. I foresee some community problems; where we say clocks I mean Schofield wall clocks, not wheeling your grandfather clock down the high street in a wheelbarrow! I have already had numerous requests to fix clocks! I openly admit this is outside my skill set. Where we say watches, naively and naturally I mean Schofield watches. Oh no, the local community is very excited about me re-attaching hands to £30 Sekondas. I have no issue with the value or the brand but I’m just not keen. Not at all.

3. Further to the above, it was suggested to me that I really should do watch batteries as goodwill. So in good faith I have furnished the bench with some blister packs of Renata and other necessities. It is already an adventure – keeping shop.

4. Back to inside and Schofield proper. A drawer of finished P-2. I say finished because there are 7 other P-2 drawers; tubes, caps, nibs and fillers, grips, material blanks, machined but not finished, paper work and labels.

5. Straps, I had a shelf made to house all the straps and more then realised I could fill all 60 pockets with some left over, no doubling up. You heard it right, Schofield has 60 different straps to choose from! Phenomenal strappage. Cudd would be proud.

6. Mr R is selling a cricket ball strap on eBay, he has too many – I thought you should know. Mr P is coming to look at a Not Quite Green Strange Lights, he has the red already. Messrs A, B, T and R want to add another pen to their collections. Mr M needs a B3 to accompany his B2. Now I’m not flexing just hoping that this acts like a testimonial to the fact that all of them say the photos don’t do justice to the products, all of them say I have to get people into the shop to see for themselves what the fuss is about. If you have not held a Schofield thing then come and see us. If you can’t come and see us then take the plunge online. If when it arrives, it is not for you then you get your money back, all of it, every time 🙂