Evening all! Well, I think we should raise a glass to Schofield! There are 4 Beater B4s left, it has been busy and such a successful watch demands a celebration! Toot! Toot! Hoorah!

2. If you have had Schofield FOMO before, perhaps with the OG Signalman, Swamp Thing, Blacklamp or Rocklight, then maybe act now! I know the Pips is never a hard sell but really, honestly, we are thinking about you 😉

3. It is all very exciting and it does not end with the B4! The Small Wall Clock (which you must all be entirely bored of hearing about but not seeing) is taking shape, we do actually have one whole one! It ticks and everything. Actually, it does not, the Sign-of-Life seconds hand sweeps gracefully, driven by a virtually silent Seiko movement. And that is wholly the point! A quiet quartz movement in a wall clock, that requires nothing from you except an annual battery change and an occasional dust. More soon.

4. For many years we have harboured a collection of Schofield straps in a set of drawers we had made for a Salon QP show some years ago. Occasionally I think we must be more like Patek and have an accompanying museum of past treasure. But really? What is the point? These things never see the light of day, nobody loves them. So Buoys, they are in the Club, first come first served and before you go hunting nearly all straps are in long lengths. Sorry regular chaps :-/

5. Strange Lights time! 

6. P-2, new purple nib! You only need to ask… Unicorn Dream Stargate edition P-2 with diamond dust and a purple nib is probably as far out as any pen ever. Also, very pretty, tactile, balanced and generally too cool for school. Which is why it is only for grown-ups that only write addresses.