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24mm Watch Strap Sizing Info

Schofield has introduced a new universal strap size. It falls between our traditional long and regular sized straps. Only some straps are available in Uni, others are still the regular and long sizes.

Uni straps have 115mm long non buckle side and a 78mm long buckle side. All are 24mm watch straps tapering to 22mm at the buckle and all will fit other brand watches with 24mm between the lugs, as well as all Schofield watches.

Download and print the scale drawings by clicking the image. All strap sizes are depicted.

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Schofield 24mm watch straps

Schofield has been specialising in the highest possible quality and luxury 24mm watch straps since 2010. 24mm at the lug end and 22mm at the buckle  – a subtle and classy taper. Specifically made for Schofield watches but in fact fit many other brands like Panerai.

Many are limited edition and can sell out very quickly. We source the top materials from far and wide. Heritage wools and tweeds from British Mills, suedes and Saffiano leathers from Italy, Boros and canvas from Japan and silks from France.

Schofield straps have a felt insert that gives a raised profile making the straps appear less flat and more 3D a good thing on 24mm watch straps. Most straps are lined with indigo calf leather although some are India Rubber.

Schofield strap sizes are described in detail above. There is a downloadable PDF where the sizes, if printed on A4, should be to scale. Since 2020 we have preferred a UNI size, moving slowly away from the older long and short sizes.

If you are looking for straps to fit to the Light field watch you need to go to Sugar Free. This is site specific to 22mm straps that fit these smaller watches.

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