Six Pips

  • Daymark_testing_11_JH

    Daymark dining

    I’m still dining out on Jim’s lockdown Daymark pics, he will be taking more of other models soon, pics that will be used on the website and such, especially the hero shots. Actually I can’t wait because I have always struggled with the ‘one’ shot that gets the whole look n’ feel. I thought spending more on camera gear would

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    RT case back on a Beater

    The new RT case-back on a custom Raw Beater, it has to be one of my more obscure designs. I cannot even remember how it came together. I suspect I was fixated on the walrus and everything else was built around him. Quite often in design you spend so long on something it just has to be used because so

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  • Beater Bare Bones watch

    Custard Cream dial

    I am often asked if there is a Rock-Light for sale. No, not really – there is however one Custard Cream Bare Bones Dial. I forgot about it actually and found this photo in a Bare Bones folder. If it tickles your fancy hit me up 🙂

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  • hat and strap

    Hats n’ straps

    Talking of hats here is my Yellow 108 fedora with a band made of Light Suiting Tweed. Posed here with a Signalman (grey dial) and Light Grey Suiting strap – which we have ready to ship. A great strap. BTW we also have some Dark Grey Suitings too… Email us and we will get straight on it.

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  • Bouys club straps

    Bouys Club Straps

    Buoys Club strap offerings out in the daylight of the Pips! If these interest you let me know!

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  • Daymark Dark

    Rusty Daymark Dark

    The Daymark Dark on a rusty Millican strap. What a mysterious combo

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  • Telemark on scruff strap

    The Telemark on Scruff

    The Telemark, on a Scruff Canvas strap. The strap is a regular length and the only one left. This watch and strap can be yours – email me and I can post it out next week, anywhere in the world free of charge (postage that is – not the watch).

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