Six Pips

  • Tomato strap

    Strap madness on the Buoys Club!

    To all the Buoys and Belles, thank you for the crazy strap attention! This little database has been updated. If you have not visited the Buoys Club page on our website, get in there now!

  • Rare Beater

    Go Buoys!

    Again Buoys and Belles… Take a look at this!

  • Marker case back cool watches


    Staying with the whole sci-fi theme, and not for one second are we a science fiction themed watch company! This case back was designed to look like an air-lock hatch opening mechanism, you know, layers of metal rings. A way of showing off the movement in a simple way. It is very tempting to over-fuss the movement holder, but not here, not at Schofield!

  • Black Quadrant leather

    The Quadrant leather must have!

    Strap focus. The Quadrant leather. It is essential! Not as black as black more like 90% black. Little raised pyramids on specially treated leather. Lined with India Rubber and embossed with Schofield logos.

  • Telemark X-Ray

    Telemark X-ray on Moon

    The X-ray! On a Red Moon Strap. This watch is limited to only 10 (as rare as a blue moon) and we have just one left. Why make only 10? Well, there is a story… Our intention was to make more, or at least be able to make more but the dial/date-disc makers went ‘under’ after manufacturing the first run. We could use another vendor to make more but would have to pay all the tooling again. I don’t know why I bore you with such trivialities, but it gives some reasoning to what could be perceived as odd decisions. The upside being that as a Telemark X-ray owner your watch is super limited and therefore better!


    Schofield’s New Fountain Pen

    I don’t want you to be disappointed or even raise those brows even a little, so I am going to explain why the new Schofield-P2 (the new pen) is £426. This is what happens in chronological order; we commission the custom acrylic, the black version contains diamond dust to give a 3d nebulous effect (read expensive – $). These little rods are then turned to size and shape with threads added, the thread for un-capping is not ordinary because it stops precisely at 90 degrees to the logo and unscrews in two turns (£). From the lathe the two components, cap and barrel go into 5 axis CNC mill to machine the flutes, fin (roll stop) and the logo (€). Next stop is the polishers (same firm that does our polished watch cases, we are not just talking a big old dusty mop, this is specialist polishers that can keep the angles without softening all the edges (¥). The shiny cases come back to us and we fit the metal grip (black chrome plated brass (£) and the entire Bock (German made super high quality ($)) lacquered nibs. We also fit the badge to the end (a story for another time (¥). 
    Now the pen case. It is not a simple leather sleeve, or a fancy and on the most part useless box but a super lightweight carbon fibre tube, marginally bigger than the pen itself ($). It is capped at one end in colour-coded Delrin and at the other in aluminium which is also badged and o-ringed (€). And because we are not Montblanc we only make 10-20 at a time which means everything listed costs even more. Finally, all of these processes are done in the UK (£££), specifically on the south coast in Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset.
    Actual Pics of the pen next week. Along with the story of why it looks like it does… If you want in on the early bird list, drop us an email.

  • Schofield cool watches

    Daymark Time again 🙂

    Daymark time! Just another shot to remind you how cool the Daymark is. On a black OMI strap it is perfection!