Six Pips


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  • Japanese Watch and Pin

    Six Pips No. 436 Single Birthday Pip ▶◀

    Evening all. One Pip tonight as this Sunday I am 50, thus trying to pry myself from HQ and have different kinds of fun other than the Schofield sort. I have no idea what being 50 will be like, I am pretty sure it will be rubbish, let’s hope I’m wrong. On a more optimistic note let Langston Hughs remind us, Life is fine! Fine

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  • sunset sussex

    Six Pips No. 435 The Japanese Beater B5 again and more! ▶◀

    1. Evening all. Watches that weather! Here we are, zoomed out, and better still the shop is currently harbouring the same again in Rare Things! You must come visit. B5s, B4s, B3s both pat and raw, gold and silver Treasure watches, Strange Lights NQG and NQR and the last of the Daymarks and Daymark Darks. 2. The B5! The Bronze

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  • Plum blossom dial

    Six Pips No. 434 The new Japanese Beater B5! ▶◀

    1. Evening all. Wow, look! Let me tell you about our new Japanese Beater B5! The Bronze B4 was only half the story. This new Japanese B5 is the light to the B4’s dark! The prettiest Schofield to date. A muted, blossom coloured dial in a specially textured case similar in finish to traditional Suzuki or Shibuichi items. There are

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    Six Pips No. 433 Purple ‘N Pink perforated watch straps ▶◀

    Evening all. New perforated watch straps Summer straps! A complete range! Perf suede in pretty summer colours. Purple Perf, Pink Perf, Off-white Perf and Green Perf. They are online now so please go see! We will get onto the shipping when re-opening on the 4th August. All uni size and lined with blue calf. All watches and straps and buckles in

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  • B T H F

    Six Pips No. 432 Terrible teasing, melting roads and more ▶◀

    Evening all! I’m starting with a tease, a terrible tease for something so beautiful you will weep when revealed. Raw Beater on Chinese Basket Weave. Honestly, with the last couple of years of strap types we have some world-class watch and strap combinations! Just so awesome I can barely contain my excitement. Take a look at this custom case back

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  • Giles Ellis

    Six Pips No. 431 Apples, housekeeping, the BC and more ▶◀

    Evening all! Let’s begin with a little Laurie Lee. In my opinion, an apple is the only food one can be seen eating whilst walking the streets so as not to seem uncouth. The russet, crab and cottage red burn to the sun’s hot brass, then drop like sweat from every branch and bubble in the grass. I won a design award for

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  • British made watch


    Evening all! Four days of non-stop website upgrades! Most of it utterly boring like styling the checkout and getting the buttons to look the same on all pages. The dross that has to be done! But what does it mean for you? Well, it is prettier, faster and easier to buy stuff! So please, be my guest. The old couple that live above the

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