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  • Schofield treasure watch


    Evening all. Well, we just had a proper good show! WatchPro Salon was, we hope, the start of a new era of luxury events. I have to say our stand looked pretty cool 😉 But the main event was… Read on!

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  • Watches and tattoos


    Evening all! It is show season and it looks like SWC is doing a small shindig in December as well as the others, more on that later, but the thing of great importance here is the fact that anyone attending any watch show, simply must have a UV-1! It reveals the luminous compounds on watch dials, a part of the

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  • Schofield Riverside Store


    Evening all! A traditional news type Pips tonight. Spontaneously we are exhibiting at the end of this month at the Sofitel Hotel, Heathrow Terminal 5! It is an event called World Time UK. You don’t need tickets, just rock up between 3 and 8 PM. Click the link to see other exhibitors which include Elliot Brown, Doxa, Hanhart, Sinn, Christopher

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    Evening all. Check this out. It is a close up of the Small Wall Clock dial. They have arrived, which is amazing! Many of you know that our dial makers are a blessing and a curse, the quality is as good as it gets but the time to make them is tortuous. I intend for the SWC SWC to be

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  • Japaene Bronze Beater B4 watch


    Evening all! Well, I think we should raise a glass to Schofield! There are 4 Beater B4s left, it has been busy and such a successful watch demands a celebration! Toot! Toot! Hoorah! 2. If you have had Schofield FOMO before, perhaps with the OG Signalman, Swamp Thing, Blacklamp or Rocklight, then maybe act now! I know the Pips is

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  • bronze watch


    Evening all. Improvement by Edgar Albert Guest. The joy of life is living it, or so it seems to me; In finding shackles on your wrists, then struggling till you’re free; In seeing wrongs and righting them, in dreaming splendid dreams, Then toiling till the vision is as real as moving streams. The happiest mortal on the earth is he

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  • Japanese Bronze Beater watches


    Evening all! A new watch launch brings new subscribers to the Pips, and I, and I’m sure the previously subscribed will join me in wanting to start by saying “welcome”. Some would say you have opened a can of worms! Here is an excerpt from Worn and Wound on the new B4.…Schofield makes watches in small batches with a heavy

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