Six Pips

  • Best thumbnail buckle.2

    The best thumbnail buckle in 5 shots | No 485 ✦

    One of my jobs is to share my enthusiasm for tiny details. Let’s start with how Schofield created the best thumbnail buckle, possibly ever. Tiny, tiny things that matter because they make the world more beautiful. The brief for all Schofield stuff; how cool can you make it? So, you take the thing you had and make the new one

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  • OBS D2 Christmas Watch Straps

    5 Brilliant Christmas watch straps | No 484 ✦

    A Christmas watch straps special but first up a dial blank, in the early stages, un-plated and not yet filled with Super-LumiNova, and that is what those outer channels are for – serious lume! Individually filled with a hypodermic syringe. This is the Obscura dial, an extremely complex, multi-levelled affair with runnels of awesome glow. If you want to read

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  • Damascus Steel watch case

    Obscura naughtiness | No. 483 ✦

    We have a secret, just we three, The robin, and I, and the sweet cherry-tree; The bird told the tree, and the tree told me, And nobody knows it but just us three. But of course the robin knows it best, Because she built the—I shan’t tell the rest; And laid the four little—something in it— I’m afraid I shall

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  • Landmark

    Fun with the Landmark | No. 482 ✦

    Evening all. How about this? Penned by Mr Q after the Waterford Festival of Time! He admits it is a little contrived to get the initial letters to work – I think it is fab.   For discerning watch collectors and the curious on the day, Exceptional timepieces were put out on display. September 2023 and in its second year

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  • Treasure Watch

    Giles Ellis Design Lecturer | No. 481 ✦

    Evening all! A brief Pips tonight as just moments ago I was lecturing final year BSc/BA product design students at the University of Sussex for their ‘Design Philosophy’ module. A refined ‘How to Design a Beautiful Thing’ was, I am sure, not quite what they were expecting! I had some great questions like, how do you know when it’s done?

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    A bit about British | No. 480 ✦

    Evening all! I am really sorry that there were not more Telemarks last week but a limited edition is a limited edition. I think the one for sale would have sold 20 times! A customer asked if I made an extra Black Cat for myself, I did not, I do not. When I say 3 or 29 in a limited

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    As cool as it gets | No. 477 ✦

    Evening all. Check this out! The Black Cherry; ceramic coated steel, Japanese Edition B5. We are only making two, this one is sold. There is one other available – email if you are interested or want the full spec (you can reply to this one). It comes with either the Sakura enamel case back or the Rare Things steel case

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    Busy, busy, Schofield | No. 478 ✦

    Evening all. From Mr L – “The whole experience from meeting you, going for the Black Cherry, the visit, the straps, the deal, the waiting, the arrival – has all been so so enjoyable. Why the **** I waited on lists and finally paid over the odds for a new Sub, I’ll never know. I’ll be grinning all weekend!” The

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    Terrific, kickass cork boxes | No. 476 ✦

    Evening all! So tonight we look at cork boxes and the stars! The Obscura is around the corner! Tonight I am showing you the case back, clearly this is a drawing but I have the real thing in my mitts and to say it is a level up is an understatement! I am saving the real thing for another Pip

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  • Pink Watches in DORSET

    Completely Pink Watches | No. 473 ✦

    Before the pink watches – In a brief moment the rain stopped. A Drop fell on the Apple Tree – Another – on the Roof – A Half a Dozen kissed the Eaves – And made the Gables laugh – A few went out to help the Brook, That went to help the Sea – Myself Conjectured were they Pearls

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