Six Pips

  • Telemark in the snow copy

    Telemark dial

    The dial for the Telemark watch is most obviously the colour of snow. But not quite. There are many whites and super bright actual white looks cheap. The dial industry likes to use Pantone or RAL colour-books as reference and neither do subtle tints of white. The Telemark dial was matched precisely to a CMYK print-out on just the right paper, with just the right sheen. A process the Swiss experts nailed. The dial has a military slant known as a submarine dial, being high contrast and highly legible. The font taken from my library of just under 10,000 is called a pixel font as it is made from squares. Again it is very clear and easy to read.

  • Telemark on Black OMI

    Telemark watch case

    The case is made in Germany. A precision piece of engineering, the complexities of machining are executed perfectly. 2 piece, 3 step chimney case construction in vapour blast steel. With flat oversized crown, crystal set below the lip of the bezel, short lugs and a strap rebate that are all details that set Schofield apart from many of the ‘cookie cutter’ cases you will find.

  • Telemark watch on Japanese canvas

    White Japanese canvas strap

    Ok, I wasn’t going to talk about this strap until later this year. It is a Japanese canvas in off-white and it looks so good on the Telemark that today is the day. We can thank Kirk for it ūüôā If you are interested pop us an email.

  • Diamond pen blanks for Schofield pen

    Oh my God it’s full of stars!

    Now I know I have bored you to tears with talk of the pen that you are yet to see. But I assure you I am not dragging my heels. These blanks are custom made for us and contain conflict free diamond chippings. You need to move the material to see and whisper ‘Oh my god it’s full of stars’! This famous phrase from 2001 A Space Odyssey was in fact the brief for the material. I reckon next week I will be able to show you something that will actually write!

  • tweed straps

    Just some tweeds

    Strap focus. A tweed collection, have you got the lot? What are you missing and what do you need?


    Strap card

    Evening all! Let’s start with a super ridiculous but nice to look at piece of design. It is printed like a postcard and acts to ‘rigitate’ the envelope for every strap posted. I am worried that if I told you how long it took you would think I was wasting time!¬†


  • Rare Things case Back

    There is a new website, well an old one actually but in a new way. Undercurrents is back. It’s a big ol’ mood board a bit like Pinterest I suppose without being Pinterest. Anyway, I have been more explicit with my inspirations and added some original content. Please take a look here…¬†UNDERCURRENTS.UK. While we are talking websites .com has been tickled, I know it’s tedious being told to look at our mission page because it has ‘evolved’… so I won’t do that!