Evening all! A traditional news type Pips tonight. Spontaneously we are exhibiting at the end of this month at the Sofitel Hotel, Heathrow Terminal 5! It is an event called World Time UK. You don’t need tickets, just rock up between 3 and 8 PM. Click the link to see other exhibitors which include Elliot Brown, Doxa, Hanhart, Sinn, Christopher Ward…

2. The other opportunity to come and see us will be November the 12-13 at the Londoner Hotel in Leicester Square. WatchPro Salon will be a high-brow affair where we will be pulling new treasure from under the counter! For those that have not seen Nathan for a while, he has confirmed his attendance. With All We Make is Treasure jackets.

3. More exciting news is that we are members of The British Fashion Council. If we gloss over the surface level coolness of it, we can see an organisation that is important in affecting change within the industry for the better. The watch world that we occupy too often thinks it transcends fashion and fashions but it does not and an affiliation with the BFC is not as random as it appears at first glance. We face the same issues such as Covid, Brexit and the movement of goods across the EU, diversity, equality and inclusion, environmental and ethical choices. So many of these topics are relevant to us as small independent manufacturers; you see Grey OMI strap, I see carbon-neutral woven paper from waste, dyed with ash in Italy at £430 a metre! The cost of doing it right.

4. Did I say that the B4 has actually and totally sold out! We even have a waiting list in case somebody should drop out during the wait. Production continues with over half wearing their watches.

5. The Riverside store has had some minor updates! For the better naturally. More storage mainly for straps and buckles. Come visit! If it helps, we keep Champagne, numerous Whisky and Whiskies (served in Blade-runner glasses) and plenty of Coffee 🙂

6. Talking buckles – look! Take your pick, email us.