Evening all. Check this out. It is a close up of the Small Wall Clock dial. They have arrived, which is amazing! Many of you know that our dial makers are a blessing and a curse, the quality is as good as it gets but the time to make them is tortuous. I intend for the SWC SWC to be ready to show you at the WatchPro Salon come November – more below.

2. WatchPro Salon. November 12-13, The Londoner Hotel, WC2.
Come and say hello, there are many Schofield treasures you have not yet got your hands on and this show will be the perfect opportunity – Strange Lights, P2, UV-1, WAPHTTTB, the new SWC-SWC and perhaps another watch! 🙂 Get tickets by following this link. https://live.watchpro.com/events/salon/

3. I am sure I can help out Dr Giles Podan out with this one. It does not seem too far a stretch 🙂 In my mind we have made baked potato skin watch straps! Click to view the video.

4. Strange Lights wonderfulness!

5. The P2, some colours and textures… All Available.

6. Strap focus. The Mustard Millican, made from Bionic Canvas by British bag maker Millican. Part of a collection of three straps in different colours – Mustard, Rust and Slate. Summer is not over yet!