Evening all, what a lovely week. The shop had visitors, we chatted and drank coffee, the sun shone, and in the quiet times I arranged, hoovered and washed up, you know, just keeping shop. In actual fact I did a whole heap more too. Like design and begin manufacture of a new polishing cloth. It is the little things, we all know that! Everything considered, that’s how I like it, I think you do too. Polishing cloth – coming soon.

2. Talking of details (again) let’s look at the new grip section on the P-2, these ribs help with grip, they really do, in fact so profound is the difference we still have the smooth ones in case you don’t like the feel of the grippyness. Available in gold-plated brass and black Delrin. The gold ones are heavy shifting the balance south, the Delrin are very light, so choose not just for looks. I am considering a P-2 builder on-line. Choose body, grip and nib, what do you think?

3. P-2 group shot.

4. Movements! Quite a few… These are Swiss Technology Production (STP) STP1-11 Automatics with custom rotors. It is our new workhorse movement for the Bronze Beaters. Why have we moved from ETA to STP? It is mainly because of availability, reliability of delivery and frankly because they are such a nice company, with staff that are helpful – and friendly! Be under no illusion that we would ever make such a switch without quality, finish and mechanical reliability being constant with that found with the ETAs. We independently test and assess one against the other and we trust the STP emphatically. It is a very pretty, high quality movement that adds some differentiation between Schofield Watch models.
Hours, minutes, sweep seconds
Date, rapid corrector
Hacking Seconds
Self-winding mechanism with ball bearing
28,800 vibrations per hour, 4 Hz
26 jewels
Power reserve 44 hours

5. This is a page from the STP1-11 parts document. Such drawings, essential to maintaining a functioning watch and watch company, are also inspiration for design elements, some of you will recognise devices that have been used for many years in the Schofield universe.

6. Strap focus! I want to direct you to the Buoys Club as there are still some bumper deals there but tonight let’s look closely at the Slate Millican! A tough canvas-like material with a fat white stitch that harmonises with all Schofield watches. Lined with Indigo calfskin and features a blue/silver foiled logo and red ‘Keep Close Ribbon’. Super cool, in stock and ready to post.