Evening all! Lets’ talk about of money! A subject I avoid for the most part, so I will keep it brief. From the very beginning we have tried to make it as painless as possible for you to pay for treasure 🙂 We except all major cards including Amex. PayPal is a doddle and for those that understand how terrifying the fees can be – Bank Transfer. I admit that Apple Pay is not available, we have tried but it does not play nice with our checkout. All of the above can be facilitated both on-line and in our shop. We also offer a Layaway payments, which basically means you can pay what you want when you want within a year and receive your item once the bill is settled. We do not offer credit. There is a new service from PayPal called Pay In Three. It is exactly that, but you will receive your item after the first payment. Remember, we will always refund you in full if you buy something and find it is not for you.

2. Buoys Club! Go there. Ladyfinger, Ballpoint P1, Some strappage, etc…

3. I am brimming with excitement (I should have started with this Pip!), lots of things have gone well this week, little things and some big. A huge packaging level-up is happening. All as environmentally friendly as can be. I think it unlikely you will find other watch brands doing stuff like this! More on that soon! And yes, I said big stuff – watches, clocks, website stuff and events!

4. Wooden boxes, British made! We nail this right? The WAPHTTTB is a big thing, much more impressive in the real than the website and photos would portray. The watch boxes have evolved but always been impressive. Now I am thinking that the Strap Kit should become a little chest of sorts, leave it with me, I have a plan. However, it leaves us with two voids, first there is nothing for a smaller collection of straps and second, there is nothing in the Mercantile category, nothing made of cloth, so I have a plan for these issues too.

5. I need your advice. The legendary German company that made the Signalman cases and the Marker cases has gone under. A truly sad event for the industry. It leaves me with a number of empty Marker cases and no way to make more just the same. Should I continue with stock of the Daymark and Daymark Dark or should I make a new (very limited) Marker – marking the end of an era? If we make a new Marker the Daymark and Daymark Dark will run out in less than a year.

6. Strap Focus. The Schofield and Cudd Blue Lamb. This was a S+C classic and a few remain from the original collection. It is a very soft and very vivid blue lamb skin with the green calf lining. Email me if you would like one. Both long and reg available.