3 Extremely Minimal Watches | No. 445 ▶◀

Evening all! Tonight’s Pips is a peek at some of the unusual and one-off and mostly minimal watches you would only see if you came to our Riverside Store. We don’t Pip these very often so it feels special somehow. All are available to buy, email if you are interested 😻

But before we begin with our rather uncouth sell, sell, sell, let’s have some Keats.

…A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing…

Not quite as minimal as the others below but still super clean is a lightly patinated Beater B3 with an HQ dial. Strapped to a Brown Cord strap with a black DLC buckle. This is the last HQ dial we have, therefore the last watch like this. We have made three of these in total so it qualifies for the RT (Rare Things) case back but this is fitted with a B3 type. As with all our watches you can swap out the strap. Let us know if you would like more pics and info.

We have three Signalman Bare Bones. As minimal watches goes these have to be some of the worlds best. All of them one-off Rare Things. Previous Bare Bones were in matt finished cases but not these! Here we have a polished case and Rhodium dial. The cleanest of all Schofield watches. Fitted to a Blue Moon strap with a Jesse James, ceramic coated, blue buckle.

Next a Signalman Silvertop cased Bare Bones with a gold dial fitted to a Black Boucle strap (unseen before now) and DLC buckle.

The last of these Bare Bones is another polished case but with a German Silver dial. Subtly different from the Rhodium, it is darker, sometimes greener, depending on the light. Fitted to a Chinese Basket Weave strap and blue buckle. Possibly the best minimal watches ever made!

Finally, an artist’s proof, one-off watch in a steel case that has been made in a way where the tiny machining marks split the light to create a sparkly effect. Impossible to photograph. It has a green Beater dial and is fitted to an Old Pink Tweed strap and brushed buckle – Now sold.

– Minimal watches designed around the geometry of the Signalman –