1 Hellova Shocking Pink Watch | No. 443 ▶◀

1 Hellova Shocking Pink Watch | No. 443 ▶◀
7th November 2022 Schofield
  • Giles Ellis
  • Giles Ellis Real Time Show
  • Cloth V2
  • Straps for a pink watch

Evening all! I made a watch for my wife. A pink watch! Or maybe purple. Somewhere in between. A custom Beater B5, the Wife Beater 😉 I know – not funny! Purplex ceramic coating on the case and buckle. Did I say bright pink watch? you need to see it to believe it, it almost glows!  Purple Silk Velvet strap. If you are interested – email 🙂

I am sure you have been aware that we may have been busy with the Landmark and you are right. We have. Not a pink watch this one way more sombre. It was a fairly stealthy launch because we made so few. Which for me is a relief because writing and distributing press releases is very time-consuming. Anyhow, I should probably still do it because it shows the world at large that we are active. Which for the Pippers such as yourselves you know this is true! We only have a couple of Landmarks left now, if you are interested please email us. The lume on this watch is berserk, it comes on like a light switch under the UV-1.

Schofield Press wise, in the last week we have done a photoshoot and interview for the FT and considerable time recording for Rob Nudds and Alon Ben Joseph’s new podcast The Real Time Show. I reckon this one will be very good. Episode 2 is an interview with watch legend Jean-Claud Biver – a pretty big name for a new podcast showing the clout of the two hosts. Click the link and subscribe ready for episode 1 next Tuesday. The Schofield episode is released in the new year I believe.

Small Wall Clocks are back in stock! All three colours. AND I have really exciting news regarding a bracket – both desk and wall, but we will wait until next week for pics… For now you can get a pink wall clock to match a pink watch!

It’s a little thing but we have new polishing cloths. Just too cool if you ask me, I challenge you to show me one that’s better.

Strappage! The art of. Here we have the shop window display. White and Green Perf, Candy-cane, one Fluro Orange, Ikat, Pink Salmon, Mrs L tweed, another Candy-cane and Light Face Mud Cloth.

– An incredible pink watch, it is an option for all those who order a Japanese B5 –