A Stunning Wooden Watch Box No. 452

Evening all! A Pips about all things. But right at the end I want you to focus on just how cool our wooden watch boxes are. A wooden watch box cannot be beaten. Until now (2023) when Schofield reveals the CANISTER!.

Oh I’ll be chewing salted horse and biting flinty bread,
And dancing with the stars to watch, upon the fo’c’s’le head,
Hearkening to the bow-wash and the welter of the tread
Of a thousand tons of clipper running free.

For the tug has got the tow-rope and will take us to the Downs,
Her paddles churn the river-wrack to muddy greens and browns,
And I have given river-wrack and all the filth of towns
For the rolling, combing cresters of the sea.

We’ll sheet the mizzen-royals home and shimmer down the Bay,
The sea-line blue with billows, the land-line blurred and grey;
The bow-wash will be piling high and thrashing into spray,
As the hooker’s fore-foot tramples down the swell.

She’ll log a giddy seventeen and rattle out the reel,
The weight of all the run-out line will be a thing to feel,
As the bacca-quidding shell-back shambles aft to take the wheel,
And the sea-sick little middy strikes the bell.

A wonderful outward-bound poem by John Masefield 1912.

“Salted horse” is how the sailors often referred to the preserved meat they were served.
“River-wrack” is a term for seaweed and other stuff floating in the river.
“Rattle out the reel” is a reference to how the speed of a sailing ship used to be determined with the log and line.
“Shell-back” A veteran sailor who has crossed the equator.

Here we have the Beater B5 Japanese edition a creative watch like no other! This watch comes in a wooden watch box made of Ash.

The cost of QC A4 pieces watch dial artworks have sold out! In fact, many times over (would it be weird if I wished I had more failed dials)! The A2 is probably spoken for. I have available one pure grey Silvertop dialled A4 1 of 2 and a pure dialled Blacklamp edition with the odd random Moonglow ring, again a 1 of 2. Email if you are interested. Remember we are 1st for customer service in the watch industry – I think 😉

Here we have the Treasure Watch, do you remember that I suggested the Masquerade Treasure a while back? That has now sold. In the process of doing a custom case back I went deep into a Kit Williams rabbit hole and asked if he would collaborate with us. Sadly, he does not do collaborations but invited me up for a coffee! An offer I cannot refuse. Anyway – please watch this charming video.

How about this strap? The Black Rough-Out Suede! The ultimate in tough suede – boot suede – that won’t get dirty! It is not online yet so let me know!

– The Squat box, a wooden watch box, a classic Schofield wooden watch box at that! –