Strong Heroic designer watches No. 470

Evening all! A pips about Designer watches?

Having returned from a Welsh reset, I am thrown back into the maw of Schofield; this is sent to you on a new service hence the ever so slightly new look. The Six Pips number symbols have changed many times over the years and these will become relevant when you see the Obscura case back. Please let me know if it does not work for you. Not so glamorous news, the Riverside Store toilet is being refitted. For those that have travelled far this is welcome I am sure. Some advisers have said I should not ceramic coat the tap – it’s a step too far, a waste of effort.

I will do what I want, this is the way.

As designer watches go the Drilliam sold (naturally I do not share every time something sells but this is to impart the urgency of action on the Rare Things. Some were disappointed that I was not making more.) as did half the neon straps, the yellow sold out. If you are on the fence with bright straps it is time to get off it! There is beauty in them. The India Rubber is back in stock and we say goodbye to the Tigerloaf and Clayton leather straps, gone for good to the annals of time.

The Obscura at night. To be clear, there will not be a full case and dial photograph until the press release in September. If everything is revealed here then the press has nothing to talk about that’s new, hence all the danglers whilst the project comes together. Visit the Buoys Club for everything on the Obscura so far. The Drilliam and Obscura and most Schofields in fact are proper designer watches.

Some inside action! A gold-plated movement holder with 4 point fastening inside a bronze case powered by an STP 1-11 Swiss Auto-Mech movement. Hidden treasure inside all our watches!

Wow! What a photo! What a weird dial – The Rose Gold Sig Bare Bones Rare Thing. We still have some Bare Bones but not this flavour. They all have metal dials that catch the light in mysterious ways. They are not online so if you are interested in something unusual email in. You can replay to this Pips 🙂

While we are at it, Sig BB in action! We launched small batches of Bare Bones in various finishes as far back as 2016. An old Pip from first sighting.

…These watches solidify what we now call our Bare Bones project. An exercise of exclusion – which is quite hard for a designer – to leave off and let it be? These Signalman are pared down to the geometry… Again, designer watches.