Astounding Watches for Designers No. 461

Considering watches for designers is what we are up to, it really is not that thrilling apart from the odd titbit I can share regarding new releases which will not happen fully until much later this year, and there is not much to show until then – just so we are straight 🙂 However! Buoys Clubbers can go see some details on the forthcoming Obscura on the Buoys Club page. I have added a little more by way of details. Those details are obscure, naturally.

Most of each day has been designing stuff, for example yesterday I spent roughly 5 hours drawing a pipe fish for a case back that this morning I have decided to scrap. I cannot make it look good enough. After writing this Pips I will start afresh. Which is super exciting. The day before every hour was spent Googling environmentally friendly foam packaging, of which there is an international paucity. I am told the one who invents it will be a billionaire! Time to think outside the box on this one. I will not be beaten. Thinking about designing watches for designers is a new way of looking at this problem.

The time in between the big jobs is spent keeping shop and chatting with those that come by, building watches, organising and cataloguing stock, packing and shipping stuff in and out.

I say this and then wonder where it is that I spend time on the phone to myriad suppliers discussing details to the 4th decimal. Playing with Gant charts and Critical paths (yes, I do these), updating websites, writing copy and drinking coffee. Such is running a watch company and I live for it, mostly.

What I dislike, are African Princes with too much money that they want me to bank it for them (how is this still a thing?), iPads from ebay I did not order and requests from the Mirror online that we should advertise for £27,000! I also dislike doing SEO. I struggle with social media and perhaps you now know why. A watchmaker with no time! The irony!

So what I can tell you is that one new watch is the Obscura  true watches for designers! As many of you know it has been in the making since 2017! First mentioned in Pips number 262. It is everything I want in a watch – you’ll see. Another watch released this year will be the Deep Blue Shallow Green. More as we go. Hold Fast, Fair winds and a following Sea!


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