An Armageddon of Black Watches NO. 455

Evening all. Much to my surprise many of you liked the Undercurrents article on black watches that went out last Sunday. In fact many of you inquired about a Blacklamp Evo. It is a long way off yet; I did not want to fuel the flames of excitement too much this far out. If you did not read the article you can do so either on Substack or the Undercurrents website. Also, the pic shows a Blacklamp of which there are none. But don’t worry I have been designing masterpieces (if I say so myself), which we will see later this year.

After patting myself on the back, let’s hear what Mr S has to say regarding a custom case back for his Masquerade Treasure Watch.

…Initial reaction Giles: oh my gosh, it’s incredible. Let me pause and take it all in, I think it needs proper consideration to do it justice. I just wanted you to know I am blown away. Will be in touch later…

…I still love it. I can’t believe how much care and thought you have put into this. I had bought a new copy of Masquerade and was wishing there was a way we could replicate the riddles, but I just didn’t see how it could be done, either in content or size. What you have done is magical. The beauty of the design means so much. I can’t thank you enough! I could carry on in a similar vein for some time and I can’t express enough how privileged I feel that you have taken the time, trouble, imagination and care to do this. You are a true artist and a gentleman…

Toot! Toot! (Blushing face Emoji).

How about this ceramic Drilliam dialled, ceramic coated steel Beater Rare Things one of one. It is available, just let me know. Drilliam was a craze of taking a bike part, like cranks and drilling the almighty out of them to make them lighter. I confess to doing this on a Cinelli head stem and ruining it. It is not all about Black watches, this is bronze ceramic coated- sometimes it sparkles, sometimes it looks black.

Just a reminder that we are exhibiting at the Watch It watch show on Saturday. Nuthurst Grange B94 5NL.

Signalman Bare Bones. These sum up the difficulty of selling online where most of you (having not seen the shop) don’t get to pick them up. There has not been a single photo of an Sig BB that has done them justice. Quite frustrating really. I think these watches are super cool. Dive in peeps, we just have a couple left. One is a Silvertop cased gold dial. One of the more interesting Black watches.

In Berkeley Square I saw this crazy thing. I want one to put in the middle of my lounge and I would never watch TV again.

Black watches

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