See the amazing Black Cat Watch | No. 472 ✦

See the amazing Black Cat Watch | No. 472 ✦
7th September 2023 Schofield
  • Black Cat Watch Box
  • Green Neon Strap
  • Steel Beater watch
  • Black Cat watch
  • Obscura hands
  • Schofield Pen

Evening all! This Pipage is too introduce the New Black Cat Watch – I go away tomorrow for a week and the ocean liner that is Schofield will have to drift without navigation. Oh-boy, today has been a rush! I was called away from Pip duty to see a man about a new Strap Kit. To be unlike anything you have seen before. Unlike the other Strap Kits, which you also never saw anything like before. They were good but this! Pragmatic perfection. 😘

Japanese Beater B5 time! Why not replace the Plum Canvas for some summer pop? The Neons are selling fast. Really. So get in there! Also new Lug Pro and card make the strap packaging ridiculously cool.

Satinated Steel B1 with grey enamel dial, on the White Gymnast strap. What a stunner! Satination was basically applying all the finishes I had to hand on one case. It took ages. First, it would have a light polish to remove machine marks, then a large media bead-blast, followed by fine media and finally it was burnished. It gave a finish that was more than the sum of its parts.

A Black Cat Watch! I have squirrelled this away down in Pip 4 because it is not confirmed, but I thought you would like to see this case back. It is for a limited edition of just 3 watches, all black and moody!Bad mood, well that’s me. Black cat because as luck would have it, they are cool. Moody black cloud with a just visible silver lining. Angry lightning; 3 strikes. 2 tears, 1 Bad Mood Black Cat with 3 whiskers. And to make it all worse – rain. All three Bad Mood Black Cat watches have now sold.

Obscura handset – A world apart from the Bad Mood Black Cat watch. These fine wonders are fully machined in Switzerland. That sentence probably won’t surprise you but there are plenty of other places to make hands and some other much cheaper ways of making them. We have them machined, yes hard to imagine, they are fully machined, not laser or jet cut, not stamped, but machined with a surprisingly big machine. I have said enough.

Go to the Buoys Club for the full lowdown on the Obscura. If you seriously want to be on the first dibs or second dibs list, please email – you can reply to this one.

On Pen news. I am phasing out some of the colours. We still have a few but there will be no more red and white made. In fact I have decided that the ally version will be in the permanent collection, the other limited editions will come and go. Take a look at what we have in stock…