Magical Schofield events and other excitements | No. 471 ✦

Evening all! Let’s start with some Schofield events – ‘save the dates’. On the 16th of September we are doing the Best of British, RedBar watch show in Brighton. You need to be a member of RedBar, but we will go through all of that later. Loads of brands will be there, it should be a fun day out! From the 21st to the 25th of September Schofield is showing in Waterford, Ireland, for the most brilliant Festival of Time. We are closed from the 28th of July to the 4th August.

I love this old pic of the Signalman on a Ventile strap with a jacket from Garbstore. I still shop at Garbstore and I still wear a Signalman, 12 years on from when this photo was taken. The one above, also from the same era, I am head to toe, belt and braces in RRL which lasts forever and looks better for being worn, like so many Schofield watches. Please come to Schofield events to see all the current watches.

The Blacklamp a glowin’. The Obscura will be just as photogenic, perhaps more so. Both watches share the same movement and the same dimensions, but that is where the similarities end.

Thank you to Mr B for this Sexy Beast photo. More Signalman action, with a water resistance rating of 500m it is more than capable of handling a swimming pool. All other Schofields are rated to 200m. However, as the owner of a watch company I have to say – don’t unnecessarily get your watch wet. What’s the point… 🙂 See more Schofield watches at some of our upcoming Schofield events.

Thanks Mr H for this B3 shot – on fire! 🔥

Lug Pro! The first 10,000 labels we ordered in 2011 and we have been using them ever since – until now! We ran out last week and have done a reprint; a new colour way for the next 10 years! If you buy a strap we can send you some – worth it.

– Manly about Schofield Events –