Cool Things NO. 454

Evening all! You will be pleased to know that I have been busy. I’m not sure the fruits of my work will be seen for a while, this is watchmaking. Cool stuff takes a long time. But I wanted you to know that if I miss a Pips week it is because I am in a pit of design. Said pit is my favourite place to be. So let’s get into all the cool things. The Cost of QC has nearly all sold – there is one Silvertop grey dial version left and one Daymark dial version, both in A4. Then never again.

I have been adding value wherever I can. It is a horrible phrase and it really means that I pay for stuff and you don’t. Just cool things, packaging, stickers, bags, cards and other ephemera. Occasionally I see that some of you keep it all! Amazing! I did inherit good ole Mr C’s Schofield paraphernalia and was shocked at how much I had produced! Perhaps I need to climb out of the pit? I have talked about flow many times before and will again…

Substack seems to be quite a useful place for some of my more verbose articles and I am working on moving them over, under the guise of UNDERCURRENTS. There is nothing to do yet but you may get an email from them announcing that there is something worth reading from me.

There has been some excitement over the Treasure Watch lately, I don’t know what brought it on but it does mean that the numbers are getting low. If you have been on the fence – choose a side now! 🙂

If you did not catch The Real Time Show first time around then here is a reminder. According to the host, Rob Nudds, they received more (positive) feedback on my jabberings than any other episode. I am flattered.

We are doing a watch show next Saturday at Nuthurst Grange Hotel BN94 5NL, from 11 to 5. Please come along, I will be bringing a heap of cool things!

– Schofield makes cool things –