Using the Best Watch Dials | No. 453 ▶◀

Using the Best Watch Dials | No. 453 ▶◀
29th March 2023 Schofield
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Evening all. It is a Toot Toot Pips tonight. I don’t blow the Schofield trumpet very often, many proper marketeers would suggest I do it more. Here are two emails received this week. It is all about watch dials and just how utterly awesome they are even outside of a watch case. I have also learnt what Hebdomadal means.

I’ve just unpacked the Cost of QC – which I had been keeping for a special moment, it felt appropriate.

All I can say is wow! When you said it was an engineered piece I had no idea how appropriate that phrase was. It is absolutely awesome! It looks great in the day and then when I shone my UV-1 on it… wow again! The Blacklamp watch dials especially (which I had always massively admired and was sad I’d missed out on) is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Genuinely delighted. How could this be topped?

With a copy of the 6 Pips Almanac!

Giles I am speechless. So, so, delighted. This is 100% my favourite piece of watch dial art ever (including pieces I don’t own!)

There other versions of the QofQC available – watch dials of the Daymark, Blacklamp and Signalman Silvertop Grey.
Let me know if you are interested. 🙂

Thank you for being so welcoming and accommodating. It was my absolute pleasure, to meet with you today to collect ‘The Cost Of QC’ artwork.

Having been a massive fanboy of SWC since last meeting with you over 10 years ago, I feel like ‘I have won the lottery’ by owning this piece. Honestly, I was not quite sure what I would be receiving but knowing of your attention to detail and fastidiousness, I knew there wouldn’t be any regret for a moment!

On the contrary, I am ‘like a dog with 2 tails!’ And having tried to avoid a speeding ticket on my homeward journey, it is now hung pride-of-place, in the entrance hallway for all visitors to see, but also to capture the setting sun – intended to charge the lume! However, it’s January… so, using my UV-1 to charge the dials (please see attached photograph) it looks magnificent in both light, and in darkness – those watch dials!

Your shop is the epitome of your brand’s excellence. The meticulous consideration of every single article, the design, the colours, the materials. I was in awe spending my lunch hour soaking up the atmosphere and the watch collection.

One point I feel cannot be emphasised enough is, that the watches MUST be seen, be held, in the flesh.

I routinely read the Pips each Thursday. I almost always click the link and browse the website in what has become a hebdomadal pleasure, to long for a SWC watch. I mention this because watches that I had discounted (having seen 2D images), purely on grounds of subjective taste, actually made a huge impact upon me. My advice to anyone viewing them, would be to ‘get yourself to the shop!’

You have achieved SO much with these watch dials. You should be immensely proud. I’ll be buying a watch, in the not too distant future, Sir! It’s just, which bloody one??!?

I also attach an image taken from an RAF Shackleton aircraft (Gatwick Aviation Museum). I think some parallels can be drawn between the concise arrangements of these wonderful instruments, and the CoQC watch dials artwork.

These testimonials are not doctored or exaggerated, they are typical to Schofield customers and show our unwavering motivation to impress. If you have feedback you would like to share then feel free, we only want the company to be better than it is!

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