Only 4 Super Special Watch Dial Artworks | No. 451 ▶◀

Evening all! Happy New Year! Let’s get right into a big start to the year. First up, The Real Time Show, featuring me.
Blurb – The Real Time Show is a twice-weekly watchmaking podcast that alternates between interactive Question & Answer and interview formats. Every week, the stars of the show will be the audience and some of the most well-known and respected names in the watchmaking industry.

Just look at this watch dial art – have you seen anything like it? It is an A4 sized piece called ‘The Cost of QC’. I can only make three at this size and there is one in A2. Not cheap, super rare, the integrated frame is milled from aluminium and clear anodised. There is a screwed down plate that covers the back. An engineered picture!

I take enormous pride in minimal wastage. That said in the 12 years that Schofield has been making watch dials, all the mishaps and QC fails were put aside and collected. Presented here in a quasi-random order, mostly Signalman and Blacklamp watch dials, because the manufacturer screwed up and had to send replacements. I wish I had Strange Lights dials as they would have looked cool but they are all perfect! Limited to three A4 and one A2 (although I would rather keep this as it will hang in the shop). Just three can ever be made (23 watch dials a piece)! Ready to hang. Email if you would like one/info.

There has been a major strap price restructure online. Reflecting cost of manufacturing and materials. Some have gone up a bit and many have come down, especially those we have had awhile. Drivers, after an audit, we realised we have been selling at a loss so those have gone up a bit too. Minor news I know but something to be clear about.

Treasure Watch time! Polished gold or silver? It’s quite a fancy watch really, but if you prefer your treasure hidden the Treasure Watch is not as bling as it appears in photos. A black leather strap calms the ca-ching down. For now I have put aside the Not Quite Red Strange Lights in favour of gold Treasure! Just look at that watch dial!

P-2 time! A black ebonite pair, one with gold hardware and a fountain nib, the other with stainless hardware and roller ball nib. How cool is that!

– Unbelievably cool watch dial art –