Fun with the Landmark No. 482

Evening all. How about this? Penned by Mr Q after the Waterford Festival of Time! He admits it is a little contrived to get the initial letters to work – I think it is fab.


For discerning watch collectors and the curious on the day,
Exceptional timepieces were put out on display.
September 2023 and in its second year
The International Festival of Time was just held here,
In Waterford, not Geneva, London, Dubai, or New York.
Virtuosos of horology took the time to talk
About their masterpieces, with pride and such humility
Letting you appreciate their watchmaking ability.
Out-of-this-world finishing, amazing straps and dials,
Functionality to bring a smile to hardened horophiles.
The Medieval Museum was the venue, where you’d find
Ireland’s Johnny McElherron, the host, mingling inside
Meeting colleagues, friends and strangers in what I think must be
Easily the friendliest watch show you’ll ever see.



And from Mr M, thank you for your Bad Mood Black Cat!



Schofield watches are not like other watches. You will realise this the further down the Schofield rabbit hole you go. They are still the ubiquitous round watches that tell the time with two or three hands, but it’s not that fact that makes them special. Schofield watches are all about detail. A terrible cliché, but it is true.

Let’s take the Landmark seen here. A sold out limited edition of 12 watches. Special because of the dial with precise concentric alignment of different colours, the Swiss milled appliqués, ‘X’s to mark the treasure. The lume that switches on like a light. Hands that align their ladders so not too obscure. Colours that vibe with the austere British landscape. The list goes on and on. You can’t pitch Schofield watches in an elevator!