Sometime Podcast | No. 490

Sometime Podcast | No. 490
6th January 2024 Schofield
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Evening all. A wee Christmas half measure tonight. The first episode of Sometime is live! However, it comes with a caveat, it is not your average watch podcast! I won’t be interviewing Bamford, Biver or the Schofield inner circle, I’m not selling (directly) and I don’t mention the word ‘watch’ very often at all.
I will be talking at you for about 20 mins a go, a duration, I figure for an average short car journey or for falling asleep. The first story is that of the Encabulator and there has been some debate at Schofield Towers to whether it maybe too left-field for an introduction, what’s worse is I read my own version called the Calibre Encabulator. So, there are three points to note going in. First, you are not supposed to understand this episode at all, it’s nonsense and is meant that way. Second, The Turbo Encabulator uses fictional words, my version does not. All the words are real words and you still won’t get it, unless you’re Rebecca Struthers – also the point. Lastly, the next episode will make marginally more sense so hang in there. Why jump in at the deep-end? Because there is a deep-end!
Here is the Obscura crown.
Happy Christmas all! Thank you, thank you for being such a brilliant team!