Giles Ellis Design Lecturer No. 481

Evening all! A brief Pips tonight as just moments ago I was lecturing final year BSc/BA product design students at the University of Sussex for their ‘Design Philosophy’ module. A refined ‘How to Design a Beautiful Thing’ was, I am sure, not quite what they were expecting! I had some great questions like, how do you know when it’s done? How do you get over a creative block? And the classic, why did you do watches? I wish you could have been there for the answers… It was not filmed so the photo must suffice. There is more news on Giles Ellis design lecturer in Pips 184.

Perhaps an overshare, I am watching the Detectorists, late to the party but I am here now. At every turn I can see what the show and our Treasure Watch have in common. Absolutely brilliant. In either polished steel or gold plate over brass the Treasure Watch has engraved on the back your choice of treasure hoard. Along with the sun, moon, stars, rivers, hills and runic script that reads treasure or wealth. So, you first choose a case finish, then what gets engraved on the back.