A bit about British No. 480

Evening all! I am really sorry that there were not more Telemarks last week but a limited edition is a limited edition. I think the one for sale would have sold 20 times! A customer asked if I made an extra Black Cat for myself, I did not, I do not. When I say 3 or 29 in a limited edition, that is the number of watches made, no more. You guys own the watches, I own a watch company, I don’t need an archive of built watches, that would make no sense… Naturally I borrow them – today it’s a Strange Lights Not Quite Red and by a minute amount it is one of my favourites.

I suggest you all buy a Strange Lights by clicking below.

You all know how much I care about all the details, right? Schofield makes clever choices! When it comes to packaging planet Earth must always come first! The front of our watch boxes detail this.

The top of the box shows a ship’s engine order telegraph, MADE IN BRITAIN    FULL! All current Schofield watches have over 75% cost of parts paid to UK companies. They are also 100% assembled and finished in the UK. Even if the movements come to us built we strip them down, clean, reassemble, oil and test. That is also 100% cost of finishing and assembly. If we take the Treasure Watch there are 31 different suppliers (other than Schofield); 22 are British. 6 Swiss, 2 German, 1 Chinese (crystal base without coatings). That my friends is true-blue, salt of the Earth awesomeness with no lack of effort to keep these ratios golden.