Ultimate Christmas List | No. 486 ✦

Ultimate Christmas List | No. 486 ✦
29th November 2023 Schofield
The Ultimate Christmas list

Evening all. Just a quick and loose note on what we have for Christmas right now. Pens, we have quite a few colours and materials in the shop that are not online – email in if you want to see a selection. All of them can be rollerball or fountain nibs. There are just two WAPHTTTB boxes left (now sold). We have some cigar tubes and cigars. The TL-1 which has been reduced in price a bit and one gold plated Small Wall Clock ready to go.

All the straps you see online and Milanese in Black and polished steel. All the watches that are showing in stock – some rare ones too, again email in. The Almanac is a must if you don’t already have it and they are getting low in stock. Buckles – the Obscura buckle you saw last week is a stand-alone and available – not online yet, just email.

There are also some ceramic coloured buckles, Jesse James blue, red and orange. Hit me up peeps and we can ship early next week. Peace!