You need Sugar Free | No. 489

Evening all. Let me introduce you to Sugar Free! Watch straps that fit non-Schofields, I know some have been waiting for over 10 years for this! Today is the day! Sugar Free has its own website, its own vibe and contributors, check out the Zine! There two new strap sizes 22 – 22mm which fit all Schofield buckles, and 20 – 20mm! That is like nearly all other watch brands covered with… I am going to say it… the best watch straps in the world! Yeah!


On other epic news I have a new podcast coming out very soon. Sometime (that’s what it is called). Short stories or articles, just me chewing the cudd for about 20 mins a go. It has been years since the Six Pips podcast and this new one is about time, actually it isn’t, well not obviously so, which is why it’s called Sometime, because it relates some of the time and features some or occasional references to time, get it? Anyway, I will keep you posted as to when the first episode is ready.

Obscura hands! Now there are some good looking tiny, tiny things. Fully machined – hence the thickness and square edges. The Obscura is only weeks away from done. It has been a really long journey – every separate part has been perfected mechanically and cosmetically to satisfy any OCD it has been suggested I have.

The Gold dialled Silvertop Bare Bones from last week. I thought y’all should see it again.

An EDC shot from a couple of weeks ago. We have a one-off gold-plated wall clock ready to go if anyone is interested in that beauty! It would also match the above Sig Bare Bones as a classy twin set 🙂

✦ Peace!