The Darkness of the Strange Lights | No. 491

The Darkness of the Strange Lights | No. 491
9th January 2024 Schofield
  • Strange Lights NQ RED
  • Sometime podcast

Good evening and Happy, Happy New Year to you all! Let’s start with some updates. The Obscura is so close. The final part arrived two days before Christmas so the timing has been a little off. Suffice to say it is actually very close now. Like two weeks! On other news, there is a new Strap Kit coming, this one is not soft but box like. It is called the Strap Mess and will be super cool. More on that soon.


Sometime Episode 2, perhaps even more bizarre and soporific than the last one. This one is a reading of The Specialist in a special kind of monotone due to me being under the weather and in the middle of a Christmas funk malaise. Anyway, it’s good for 15mins. Episode 3 (next week) is on the Light (you are not supposed to know what this means). It is explicitly and directly watch related so should balance the books in favour of horology


A sudden ramping in purchases of the Strange Lights this Christmas/New Year fills me with glee. It is always a pleasure homing one of these because if there ever was a watch harder to get across in a photo, the Strange Lights would be it. You would think that is something I could fix; I have tried but it needs real life to work.