💡 See the Light and more! No. 494

Evening all! Let’s get into it! The Light is up and running online. You can read more about it there. Both colours are ready to ship. Both colours come with the same two Sugar Free straps – India Rubber and Grey leather.

To go wild with colours and textures then visit Sugar Free, a separate site. https://sugar-free.uk

If you want to hear me speak about the Light, then a listen to the Sometime podcast story 3 will do the job. Sometime is my new podcast where I try my hardest to put you to sleep with utterly boring and tedious details. If you like details then I am sure you will find it invigorating. The next two stories are going up this week and next. Subscribe! Why not?

The Obscura is happening even though we had a minor setback – a supplier delay, that is in the process of expedient delivery. So, we are minutes away. Those on the list are still on the list and all will be revealed shortly. Undercurrents is a good place to visit for details on the Obscura.

The website has been cleaned, tidied, spruced, toned-up, tuned-up, chaff removed and verbiage improved, please take a look around – it makes the numbers look good.

For order and thoroughness, Schofield is the pediment with four supporting columns on a podium of social media. These columns are The Pips (you are reading it), Undercurrents (a blog/info/mood/inspiration site), Sugar Free (straps made to fit 22mm and 20mm watches) and Sometime (a podcast about stuff). I won’t talk about social media today.

Ooo, next week I will also show you some pics of the Strap Mess.