Six Pips

  • Schofield P-2 batch

    Pre-finished P-2

    A batch or pre-finished P-2s, they will both be polished. The black however will be made in batches, the resin is a custom mix so each time we do it the density of ‘stars’ and other inclusions will differ. Each and every black pen is different.

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  • Daymark Dark

    Gnarly Daymark Dark

    A gnarly shot of the Daymark Dark. Ceramic coated gloom.

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  • Watch storage box

    Treasure Box

    Like last week’s crude rendering of the WAPHTTTB (I’m sorry but I do not have the time for such frivolities) – I offer you another, this time the steel window and a glass one with pens below.

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  • Black Pen

    Oh My God It’s Full Of Stars!

    Here is the OMGISOS black pen. Full of super fine diamond dust (the stars). We have changed the polishing specification on this. There is a trade off with polishing and that is loss of detail in the machining. I feel that this is a most important factor. In order to retail the crisp edges there is less polishing, in simple

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  • White P2

    2001 match cut

    I have realised on speaking to a new P-2 owner Mr F that I have not once mentioned its size! It is a total of 137mm long, which is quite short, deliberately so – it is a (space) travel pen after all! It also appears smaller than conventional serious ‘man’ pens because the cap is the same diameter as the

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  • INK bottle

    Fish Guts ink is no more here is the recipe

    After last week’s Pips about us no longer making Fish Guts ink I have been asked for the recipe. It is messy and you will end up with a lot of black left over but this is ok if you are making 20 bottles at a go! You will need my favourite British made Diamine ink. Mix one bottle of

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  • Daymark on Japanese Indigo

    Japanese Indigo watch straps

    Strap Focus, a look at the Japanese indigo strapped to a Daymark! We still have some left. Email us and we can sort it for you.

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