Six Pips

  • Schofield Telemark X-Ray


    You won’t find this one on the website, we made so few. This is one of a pinch that remain – The Schofield Telemark X-Ray on black Quadrant strap and orange ceramic coated buckle. For the X-Ray the offer is a //9h7b leather pouch. For those that have heard of this will know it’s a cool little thing. Not only

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  • Schofield Bronze Beater

    Patinated Bronze Beater Batch 3

    The patinated Bronze Beater B3! Strapped here to a Clayton Leather with a brushed buckle, now this one we cannot ship right away, we would have to build it but as that’s all done in the UK it would not take too long. Still if you were to put down the money we would send a little packet of wondrous

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  • Schofield Daymark watch

    What about the Daymark

    What about the Daymark? Here it is on a mustard OMI strap with a brushed buckle. Just for this watch and just until the end of the weekend – a bag of Toots Coffee, a spinning top, a whistle and, and a pill pot! Trust me this is all good stuff! So there we have it Six watches, six offers

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  • 2 Schofield Strap Kits

    Strap Holding Kit

    Evening all! Tonight I am focusing on the little things. Watches are always front and centre, Schofield is a watch company after all. There are so many moving parts to making watches that sometimes I need the pleasant distractions of beautiful things too. Trust me when I say watch awesomeness is happening but the timing does not seem right just

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  • ZIPP_orange

    Zipp knife collaboration

    The Zipp pocket knife! In orange, a colour I was forced to like against my better judgement and now I actually do! This little treasure is made in collaboration with master knife maker and teacher Filip De Cohen. It will last forever of that I am sure. It is an all-rounder, super tough, small and convenient.

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  • White fountain pen

    Schofield latest effort

    My latest effort, the P-2. Actually I am being disingenuous to myself as frankly it is quite special; I just did not want to sound conceited. The early bird orders are being delivered over the next month, if you would like to hop on then pop us an email, they are available in three colours – polished OMGIFOS, polished red

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  • Daymark Dark2

    Summer straps against a wicked tan

    STRAPS! I was indulging in a strap changing session. Following my CV convalescence, I have a wicked tan and felt I should go back to a white India Rubber. Let me suggest some summer straps you may not have; Vintage suede and the yellows; Mustard Millican, yellow OMI and yellow suede. Ready right now… SCHOFIELD STRAPS

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  • Yellow Suede watch strap

    Cracking yellow watch strap and orange buckle!

    A really little thing but fit it to a yellow strap and you have something cracking. SCHOFIELD STRAPS

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  • Schofield watch screwdrivers

    Must have drivers!

    Finally the Drivers – a must have accessory for any strap connoisseur! The Strap Kit in Pip one can come with or without these or you can buy them on their own. SCHOFIELD DRIVERS

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  • Schofield watches

    Covid 19 isolation distractions

    Evening all! Pleasant distractions tonight. Let’s start with the Daymark. Photographed by the great Jim Holden, Jim is helping out with some of the photos that I simply cannot do myself. This is what the Daymark actually looks like. What I mean is, this photo gets all the details, the crown and the case profile. The dial depth and crystal

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