Six Pips

  • Worthing Pier


    I found a book called Manual on the Use of Timber in Coastal and River Engineering by Matt Grossman and Jonathan Simm, inside this excerpt. … In coastal situations timber is used among other things for breastworks, groynes, piers, steps, ramps, boardwalks and as stepped reinforcement or fencing protection to dunes. In river situations timber is used for bank retention/reinforcement,

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  • Lighthouse


    The Point of Ayr Lighthouse, also known as the Talacre Lighthouse, is a Grade II listed building situated on the north coast of Wales, on the Point of Ayr, near the village of Talacre. Mr M took his Bronze Beater Bare Bones there and took this terrific shot. Built in 1776 and abandoned in 1883 but always occupied by a

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  • Strap Kit patch


    Do you remember our Strap Kit? It was not another copycat leather tool roll but a soft tweed thing like no other. We have made a new one and the above image shows the embroidered patch that adorns the front. The Strap Kit will remain a customer only product – you have to be in the club! This time around

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  • Ferris Wheel Blues


    I got the Ferris Wheel Blues An excerpt from the poem “The Ferris Wheel” by Wyatt Prunty from Unarmed and Dangerous. With a Signalman in the fore. Since the genius of the wheel was accident, The always-almost that hadn’t, A minor agony rehearsed as fun While the lights came up and dark replaced the sun, Seeming to complete their going round all

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