Bulletin Chronicles

  • cool polishing cloth


    Evening all, what a lovely week. The shop had visitors, we chatted and drank coffee, the sun shone, and in…

  • Notebooks


    Evening all! A single half term Pip tonight. Please indulge me; you know how I like paper, paper things, fonts,…

  • x-ray


    Evening all! I hope you have all seen our Instagram, it has taken a turn. Rather than posting mindless fodder…

  • Wonderful things sign


    Evening all! Tonight’s Pips is a little more conventional than last week’s, a few of you thought I lost my…

  • Fountain Pen


    Evening all! For a number of years now, work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived…

  • OMG


    Evening All! Oh! There is so much in the pipeline that I am tempted to tell you about it, but…

  • notebook


    Evening all! I am post jab and all is fine except it is probably prudent to only give you all…

  • Black Straps


    Evening all! I want to talk watch related accessories and why not? The sun is trying its best, the mood…

  • Bell


    Evening all. The Schofield shop is essentially open from Monday. I have had a flurry of requests to visit which…

  • drivers


    Evening all! Let’s start with new Drivers, Version 6 I think. Same dimensions as before but now with flutes and…

  • Handle


    Evening all, gosh it feels like ages since I spoke to you last! Perhaps that is because Schofield has been…

  • Schofield shop


    Schofield’s first physical, actual real life shop is millimetres from done! Primed and awaiting your visits. I thought this a…

  • case backs

    Case back engraving on the tube!

    Evening all, let’s go straight to YouTube, not because it is Youtube but because it is there I can explain…

  • P-2 in case

    P-2 the lot

    The P-2 in OMGIFOS Black. Carbon fibre case and one all wrapped up. This is how they arrive to you.…

  • Daymark_testing_11_JH

    Daymark dining

    I’m still dining out on Jim’s lockdown Daymark pics, he will be taking more of other models soon, pics that…


    RT case back on a Beater

    The new RT case-back on a custom Raw Beater, it has to be one of my more obscure designs. I…

  • Beater Bare Bones watch

    Custard Cream dial

    I am often asked if there is a Rock-Light for sale. No, not really – there is however one Custard…

  • hat and strap

    Hats n’ straps

    Talking of hats here is my Yellow 108 fedora with a band made of Light Suiting Tweed. Posed here with…

  • Bouys club straps

    Bouys Club Straps

    Buoys Club strap offerings out in the daylight of the Pips! If these interest you let me know!

  • Daymark Dark

    Rusty Daymark Dark

    The Daymark Dark on a rusty Millican strap. What a mysterious combo