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    Evening all! I came across an old Pip about Hikaru Dorodango, the Japanese art of moulding a mud ball into a perfect sphere by hand. I bring it up again here 7 years on because perhaps it is more pertinent than ever. If we imagine a continuum of what we do now on the left, and where we want to be and what we want to do on the right, I wonder how far along you would plot your position? I suspect not even halfway. But what if we could only find the time for admirable pursuits? I admit that making mud balls is at the extreme right end.

  • Simon Cudd


    Evening all! Happy New Year to you! Oh my gosh, what a year that was! Still, we take a deep…

  • Masquerade cover


    Do you remember this book? Masquerade by Kit Williams. Another truly incredible story which you can read about here…

  • Schofield Riverside Store


    Evening all! Schofield has been closed with flu! Like actual real flu, so no ‘you’ve got a cold then’ because I am devoid of a sense of humour which proves it is flu! Anyway, the Pips must be Pipped! So here we are. It seems that there is no other reason for the month December other than Christmas Day, at least in my house. I’m not complaining because I love Christmas with the same enthusiasm as my daughters. Suitably in the mood let’s start with this poem that comes around every year…

  • Schofield polished treasure watch


    Evening all. A proper write-up in Fratello – Mr N is a good writer – a line like “There is a genuineness and earnestness to everything Giles Ellis designs. “ makes me walk a little taller. Read the whole piece here. https://www.fratellowatches.com/schofield-treasure-watch/

  • Silver Treasure Watch


    Evening all. We are in the thick of it now! You did see the Treasure Watch right? Here it is again. Gold or Silver. You can choose the hoard (or we can) that gets engraved on the case back. Only 29 watches in total, so do hurry! It is online now. https://schofieldwatchcompany.com/watches/

  • Schofield treasure watch


    Evening all. Well, we just had a proper good show! WatchPro Salon was, we hope, the start of a new era of luxury events. I have to say our stand looked pretty cool 😉 But the main event was… Read on!

  • Watches and tattoos


    Evening all! It is show season and it looks like SWC is doing a small shindig in December as well…

  • Schofield Riverside Store


    Evening all! A traditional news type Pips tonight. Spontaneously we are exhibiting at the end of this month at the…



    Evening all. Check this out. It is a close up of the Small Wall Clock dial. They have arrived, which…

  • Japaene Bronze Beater B4 watch


    Evening all! Well, I think we should raise a glass to Schofield! There are 4 Beater B4s left, it has…

  • bronze watch


    Evening all. Improvement by Edgar Albert Guest. The joy of life is living it, or so it seems to me;…

  • Japanese Bronze Beater watches


    Evening all! A new watch launch brings new subscribers to the Pips, and I, and I’m sure the previously subscribed…

  • Bronze Indigo watch


    Golly gosh what’s this? The new Japanese edition Bronze Beater B4! Limited to 29! Let’s cut to the chase… 2. The…

  • clock


    Evening all! Next week we are launching a new Beater! Here is an obscure but relevant clue! I have been…

  • Blacklamp in the frost


    Evening all! Lets’ talk about of money! A subject I avoid for the most part, so I will keep it…

  • cool polishing cloth


    Evening all, what a lovely week. The shop had visitors, we chatted and drank coffee, the sun shone, and in…

  • Notebooks


    Evening all! A single half term Pip tonight. Please indulge me; you know how I like paper, paper things, fonts,…

  • x-ray


    Evening all! I hope you have all seen our Instagram, it has taken a turn. Rather than posting mindless fodder…

  • Wonderful things sign


    Evening all! Tonight’s Pips is a little more conventional than last week’s, a few of you thought I lost my…