Bulletin Chronicles

  • Schofield watch screwdrivers

    Must have drivers!

    Finally the Drivers – a must have accessory for any strap connoisseur! The Strap Kit in Pip one can come…

  • Schofield watches

    Covid 19 isolation distractions

    Evening all! Pleasant distractions tonight. Let’s start with the Daymark. Photographed by the great Jim Holden, Jim is helping out…

  • Carbon Pen tube

    Schofield Pen based on 2001

    The Schofield P2 fountain pen –  here is the carbon fibre carry tube. The P2 does not come in a…

  • Red pen badge

    Pen Badge

    This is the badge in the barrel end of the pen – the booster. A simple design with a subtle…

  • Schofield P-2 Fountain Pens

    Schofield’s new fountain pens

    Here we see the lot. The unusual red lacquered nib, the flutes milled into the barrel, the tube and end…

  • Bronze Beater watch

    Blue Moon strap – Blue dial watch

    Bronze Beater B3 – patinated case. On a Blue Moon strap.

  • Rust Millican watch strap

    Strap Focus – Rusty

    Strap focus. Rust Millican! A classic from the Schofield & Cudd collection. We have some in stock and ready to…

  • Giles Ellis Schofield CEO

    Giles Ellis, Schofield Watch Company Limited

    We are back! 20 days of isolation after my family and I are 99% sure we have had COVID-19. Of…

  • Orange Knives

    Little Orange Knife

    I have been Instagramming when I can, using the header ‘Pleasant distractions’, let’s keep the PIPS that way. I have…

  • Schofield Pen

    SWCP-2 Fountain pen

    The Pens are being made – naturally there has been a delay but nothing too major. Our machinist is a…

  • Schofield Telemark watch

    Telemark at angle

    Pleasant distractions! The Telemark on //9h7b grey leather strap. It’s clean, bright and highly legible.

  • Schofield Daymark watch

    Daymark at angle

    The Daymark on Mustard OMI strap. Everything in this Pips is available and ready to ship…

  • two Schofield watch straps

    Some straps

    Strap focus. For the spring heat I have picked out the Vintage suede and an Emerald Moon. Two wonderful straps…

  • Watch Manufacture

    Because of the worst

    Evening all. When this is over, may we never again take for granted A handshake with a stranger Full shelves…

  • Mr E

    Reaching out

    In an attempt to keep the mood as light as possible, a silly photo. I, like everyone else is an…

  • Old Beater

    Soon – fresh Ti.

    A little Titanium news – more is coming, not blued like the first Beater, different but equally super!

  • Signalman Bare Bones

    Signalman Bare Bones in stock

    Although making watches is challenging right now,  we do hold some in stock. This Bare Bones for example! Clean and clear.…

  • Rubber straps

    India Rubbers

    Strap focus. India Rubbers, it seems appropriate as it feels like the most hygienic in our range. Black, white and…

  • SWC-P2 1

    Schofield P-2

    Evening all! There is going to be lots of exclamation marks tonight! The SWC-P2 is finally completed, what a job,…

  • P2-black

    The P2 idea

    The basic concept was rendered in minutes; it had to look dynamic and have forward motion, a bit like a…