Bulletin Chronicles

  • Schofield shop


    Schofield’s first physical, actual real life shop is millimetres from done! Primed and awaiting your visits. I thought this a…

  • case backs

    Case back engraving on the tube!

    Evening all, let’s go straight to YouTube, not because it is Youtube but because it is there I can explain…

  • P-2 in case

    P-2 the lot

    The P-2 in OMGIFOS Black. Carbon fibre case and one all wrapped up. This is how they arrive to you.…

  • Schofield green dialled watches

    Daymark dining

    I’m still dining out on Jim’s lockdown Daymark pics, he will be taking more of other models soon, pics that…


    RT case back on a Beater

    The new RT case-back on a custom Raw Beater, it has to be one of my more obscure designs. I…

  • Beater Bare Bones watch

    Custard Cream dial

    I am often asked if there is a Rock-Light for sale. No, not really – there is however one Custard…

  • hat and strap

    Hats n’ straps

    Talking of hats here is my Yellow 108 fedora with a band made of Light Suiting Tweed. Posed here with…

  • Bouys club straps

    Bouys Club Straps

    Buoys Club strap offerings out in the daylight of the Pips! If these interest you let me know!

  • Daymark Dark

    Rusty Daymark Dark

    The Daymark Dark on a rusty Millican strap. What a mysterious combo

  • Telemark on scruff strap

    The Telemark on Scruff

    The Telemark, on a Scruff Canvas strap. The strap is a regular length and the only one left. This watch…

  • Custom case back

    Custom Worx

    Custom work is something we get asked about on a regular basis. What can be done and what cannot? Watch…

  • YouTube P-2 part 3 Thumbnail

    Schofield P-2 Part 3

    Let’s just get in to a quick summary. YouTube has had a makeover and more videos have been added, details…

  • YouTube p-2 Part 2 Thumbnail

    Schofield P-2 Part 2

    YouTube. New films. Take a look at the P-2 Part 2, it should be up and running. All about the…

  • YouTube Thumbnail

    Schofield on Youtube

    True citizen of style (as many of you are) Mr K emailed with troubles of fitting a new strap to…

  • Trinity Buoys club

    The Club!

    The Buoys Club, a thriving metropolis of activity! I can’t keep up. I confess I pace around the office seeking…

  • Telemark X-ray

    Schofield X-ray

    The X-ray! Like so many of the things we make there are countless suppliers that impose their own story upon…


    Bronze Beater case back

    The Bronze Beater case back. Another example of Schofield’s amazing outsourced wizardry, Mr P our laser wielding genius will stop…

  • Purple Tweed watch strap close

    Purple Tweed!

    Strap focus. Purple/indigo Tweed! I use an exclamation mark because that is what this strap is, perfect for right now…


    9 hours per time

    The engraved plaque for the forthcoming WAPHTTTB, this is the first prototype and though they are often hard to see…

  • Black Cordovan Strap

    Black Cordovan sold off….

    I have moved the strap focus Pip from 2 to two, highlighting our x marks the spot motif! But more…