Bulletin Chronicles

  • Tomato strap

    Strap madness on the Buoys Club!

    To all the Buoys and Belles, thank you for the crazy strap attention! This little database has been updated. If…

  • Rare Beater

    Go Buoys!

    Again Buoys and Belles… Take a look at this! BUOYS CLUB

  • Marker case back cool watches


    Staying with the whole sci-fi theme, and not for one second are we a science fiction themed watch company! This…

  • Black Quadrant leather

    The Quadrant leather must have!

    Strap focus. The Quadrant leather. It is essential! Not as black as black more like 90% black. Little raised pyramids…

  • Telemark X-Ray

    Telemark X-ray on Moon

    The X-ray! On a Red Moon Strap. This watch is limited to only 10 (as rare as a blue moon)…


    Schofield’s New Fountain Pen

    I don’t want you to be disappointed or even raise those brows even a little, so I am going to…

  • Schofield cool watches

    Daymark Time again :-)

    Daymark time! Just another shot to remind you how cool the Daymark is. On a black OMI strap it is…


    Blacklamp Glowing

    A little carbon fibre time! I’m thinking of composites daily at the moment. How often do you think about composite…

  • Herdwick Tweed straps

    Herdwick Tweed in focus

    Strap focus. Herdwick Tweed. Fuzzy little friends. Green underside.

  • Pen manufacture

    Pen manufacture

    Evening all! It’s not that I’m lying when I say next week it will be ready, I honestly think it…

  • Genius artwork

    Schofield artwork

    This image should intrigue you. A little show of things to come. You have seen the new RT caseback but…

  • Bronze Beater.

    Bronze Watches

    As bronze may be much beautified By lying in the dark damp soil, So men who fade in dust of…

  • Daymark Dark

    Daymark Dark black ceramic coated watch

    Super cool symmetry. The Daymark Dark, in a real (not enhanced) lume situation. BTW it’s strapped to white India Rubber…

  • Minimalist watches

    Minimalist watches

    I know some feel they would never spend £4k on a watch with no logo! I’m flattered that you want…

  • Green Apple with gold stitch watch strap

    Green grass strap

    Strap focus. Green grass leather with a metallic gold stitch! On paper that sounds berserk but in reality it works!…

  • Heroes of Telemark watch and film

    Kirk Douglas

    Evening all! Today we celebrate the Heroes of Telemark! The 1965 British made war classic starring Kirk Douglas. Heroes of…

  • Telemark in the snow copy

    Telemark dial

    The dial for the Telemark watch is most obviously the colour of snow. But not quite. There are many whites…

  • Telemark on Black OMI

    Telemark watch case

    The case is made in Germany. A precision piece of engineering, the complexities of machining are executed perfectly. 2 piece,…

  • Telemark watch on Japanese canvas

    White Japanese canvas strap

    Ok, I wasn’t going to talk about this strap until later this year. It is a Japanese canvas in off-white…

  • Diamond pen blanks for Schofield pen

    Oh my God it’s full of stars!

    Now I know I have bored you to tears with talk of the pen that you are yet to see.…